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HOKA ONE ONE is a brand which originated in France, and which was inspired by the idea of finding a solution to a simple problem: Getting the ultimate running experience. 

HOKA ONE ONE was founded in 2009 by two French trail runners, Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard. It all started when the minimalist trend in running shoes reached its peak, which is when HOKA came up with something completely new. Inspired by the ease and speed of mountain biking and skiing, they created a maximalist shoe, but with a comfortable midsole and a natural stride.

The two founders started developing a prototype, and later teamed up with a chemist from a Chinese shoe company to create a new type of EVA foam that was soft, durable and surprisingly lightweight – the properties we now associate with HOKA ONE ONE.




Previous models from HOKA ONE ONE have proved that HOKA design philosophy had its merits. These shoes gave runners sufficient midsole to cushion their feet on rough terrain and propel them forwards, while also being very lightweight.

HOKA have implemented new technologies in their shoes in recent years. They make use of technologies including ProFLY, which is a cushioning system that combines soft foam in the heel with a firmer foam in the forefoot. These foams create a good balance between shock absorption and energy return.

For the pronated runner, HOKA has made use of a supportive J-Frame midsole construction, rather than using rigid plastic materials. This is a construction with denser and firmer foam on the circumference of the shoe, which guides the stride from the heel to the big toe.

HOKA also utilises a MATRYX upper, crafted from Kevlar fibre strands, which minimises weight and enhances durability.



GLIDE: a collection which was developed based on the original HOKA ONE ONE principles, with maximal midsole cushion and minimal weight. The GLIDE collection includes neutral and stability models, so with this collection you can cover the distance in comfort, regardless of which shoe you choose. 

FLY: a collection of HOKA’s most responsive lightweight running shoes, designed for everything from interval running to race day, as well as gym training or as everyday shoes. These shoes are inspired by the weightless feeling of flight – hence the name. 

SKY: a breakthrough mountain footwear collection which is ready for trail adventure. With these lightweight hiking boots you can traverse the most rugged landscapes at any pace. 

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