These last years, Garmin has distanced themselves from their competitors when it comes to GPS sports watches.

Garmin – the best choice  

Garmin is the leading brand in GPS-based sports watches, which are used everyday by athletes all over the world both for activities in water, on ground, and in the air! That is why Garmin is the safe choice for the triathlete, since the GPS-watches can be used during a complete triathlon.

Athletes all over the world have spoken: Regardless of whether you are looking for a fitness watch to track your daily level during a training set, or a heart rate monitor that keeps track of your daily activities, or a sports watch with a built-in heart rate monitor and activity tracker, you can find it all at Garmin!

We at are specialists in Garmin and have watches for all price ranges and needs. We would like to help you find the right watch for you. Check our miniguide on Garmin watches, and if you are still in doubt about which one would fit you the best, then do not hesitate to contact our skilled advisers.

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