REVIEW: Asics EVORIDE – Light, “rolling” and energy-saving running shoes

REVIEW: Asics EVORIDE – Light, “rolling” and energy-saving running shoes

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 By Jesper Petersen


Asics EVORIDE are the lightest and fastest shoes in Asics’ innovative Ride series. I’ve tested these new shoes, which practically roll along on their own... Read the review and learn more about the difference between Asics GLIDERIDE and Asics EVORIDE.


Asics EVORIDE is a sister shoe to the popular Asics GLIDERIDE, which I recently reviewed and was very excited about! If you didn’t see the review, you can read it here:



asics evoride test


Common for both running shoes in the new Asics’ RIDE series is that they come with a stiff and very curved forefoot, which allegedly contributes to a more efficient run. The radical design gives you a strong “rolling” foot impact before toe-off, which means that the muscles in the lower leg don’t have to work quite as hard. And that saves energy, so you can run for longer/faster with the same effort. Asics calls this GUIDESOLE Technology.


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What’s the difference between Asics GLIDERIDE and Asics EVORIDE?

asics evoride vs. asics glideride

Top: Asics EVORIDE. Bottom: Asics GLIDERIDE.

asics evoride vs. asics glideride

Top: Asics EVORIDE. Bottom: Asics GLIDERIDE.

asics evoride vs. asics glideride

Left: Asics EVORIDE. Right: Asics GLIDERIDE.



Asics GLIDERIDE is heavier, has more cushioning and a more extreme “roll” over the forefoot. It’s perfect for daily training, long gentle training runs and longer competitions. Type-wise, it’s like the Asics GEL-Nimbus (a neutral and very comfortable daily running shoe), but GLIDERIDE feels significantly faster than Nimbus due to the extreme forward-rolling motion.


asics evoride vs. asics glideride test

Left: Asics EVORIDE. Right: Asics GLIDERIDE.



Asics EVORIDE is lighter and faster, and not quite as extreme in its curved structure as GLIDERIDE. It’s a highly versatile running shoe, perfect for those days when you want more speed: Tempo runs, intervals and competitions in all distances. However, it’s sufficiently cushioning and comfortable for most people to use as their daily go-to running shoe, although you get more comfort and protection in the Asics GLIDERIDE.

Type-wise, I would say that the Asics EVORIDE feels like a mix of the Nike Pegasus 36, the Nike Zoom Fly 3 and the Saucony Kinvara 11.

It has the same firmness/feeling and protection under foot as the Nike Pegasus 36. It has the same rolling and fast feeling as the Nike Zoom Fly 3 – just even more rolling (but less rolling than the GLIDERIDE). And it has the same low drop, lightness and effortlessness as the Saucony Kinvara 11.

A very powerful combination, if you ask me! 


asics evoride test



Midsole with GUIDESOLE Technology

Undoubtedly, it is the midsole with GUIDESOLE Technology that makes Asics EVORIDE stand out from the crowd.

Just as on the Asics GLIDERIDE, the toe of the Asics EVORIDE is raised very high above the ground. The forefoot is incredibly curvy, which means the toes rest high above the ground compared to virtually all other running shoes. Below you can see the Asics EVORIDE compared with the Nike Pegasus 36, Nike Zoom Fly 3, Saucony Kinvara 11 and Asics GLIDERIDE.


asics evoride vs. nike pegasus 36

Left: Asics EVORIDE. Right: Nike Pegasus 36.

asics evoride vs. saucony kinvara 11

Left: Asics EVORIDE. Right: Saucony Kinvara 11.

asics evoride vs. nike zoom fly 3

Left: Asics EVORIDE. Right: Nike Zoom Fly 3.

asics evoride vs. asics glideride

Left: Asics EVORIDE. Right: Asics GLIDERIDE.


It is the combination of the stiff forefoot and the high “toe spring” that gives the shoe that unique rolling sensation in the toe-off phase.

To get the full effect of the GUIDESOLE technology and experience the “roll” that the shoe offers, you’ll benefit more if you land on the heel and midfoot (which over 90% of us do). The shoe will also work for forefoot runners, they just won’t get quite the same rolling sensation.


asics evoride test


The Asics EVORIDE has a relatively low drop of 5 mm (difference between heel height and forefoot height). And traditionally, a running shoe with a low drop will increase the load on the Achilles tendon and calf muscles, compared to a running shoe with a high drop.

However, in both Asics GLIDERIDE and Asics EVORIDE, I felt the exact opposite. Rather than the “ankle joint bending” in the toe-off phase, what happens is that “the shoe rolls”. This means that the ankle joint doesn’t bend towards its extreme positions, and the muscles in the back of the lower leg also need to do less eccentric muscle work, which means less strain. And I can feel that. I can feel that the shoe feels less of a strain on the calf/Achilles’ tendon.


asics evoride test


I have completed several long 20K+ runs in both GLIDERIDE and EVORIDE, and my calves and Achilles’ tendon were not the areas where I felt the greatest fatigue/soreness. This is unusual, compared to how I feel when I run long distance in running shoes with a heel drop of less than 6 mm.



Gorgeous fit with spacious toe box

The Asics EVORIDE has a good fit, where the first thing I notice is the spacious toe box, which offers plenty of air. Not necessarily in width, where it is very average, but particularly above the toes.


asics evoride test


The shoe is also very padded inside. The tongue, located on top of the instep just below the laces, is thick and soft, and so is the lining around the heel. Overall, it just sits really well on the foot.


asics evoride


As a side note, I wear the same size Asics EVORIDE as I do in Asics GLIDERIDE and Asics GEL-Nimbus 22. But both GLIDERIDE and EVORIDE are roomier than the Nimbus 22.


asics evoride test



Durable outsole

The outsole is coated with an extra durable rubber on virtually the entire sole. This shows that Asics considers EVORIDE a daily training shoe rather than an outright speed shoe, where the focus is on saving weight wherever possible. The Saucony Kinvara 11 is a good example of this. The Asics EVORIDE is built to withstand daily training and therefore lots of miles.


asics evoride test


If we compare the outsoles of the Nike Pegasus, Saucony Kinvara and Asics EVORIDE, then EVORIDE is more like the versatile, sturdy and durable Nike Pegasus than the light Saucony Kinvara, which is mostly a speed shoe.


asics evoride vs. nike pegasus 36 vs. saucony kinvara 11

Left: Nike Pegasus 36. Middle: Asics EVORIDE. Right: Saucony Kinvara 11.



Overall opinion of the Asics EVORIDE

If you saw my review of the Asics GLIDERIDE, you will know that I’m a huge fan. And after testing the Asics EVORIDE, I’m at least as excited about this one too! The curved GUIDESOLE offers a unique rolling sensation, which is just amazing. While the roll is not quite as extreme as in the GLIDERIDE, it’s still enough to ensure that the shoe keeps “encouraging me” to run faster. With the Asics EVORIDE, I experience a lightness in my running that is rarely seen.

I consider Asics EVORIDE a “lightweight trainer” that can be used on virtually any run. So, if you’re looking for a fast, versatile running shoe with a low drop that works for both daily training and tempo runs, then Asics EVORIDE is an excellent option for your next running shoe! 


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asics evoride rainbow

"There's gold at the end of the rainbow."



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