ASICS Sakura: A collection specifically designed to meet women's needs

ASICS Sakura: A collection specifically designed to meet women's needs

To accommodate for the physiological differences between the male and female body, ASICS has just released a brand-new collection: Sakura. 
A collection made for women to give them the best conditions for their work-out.


Learn more about the history of the Sakura collection below, and discover which top models are included in this great collection of running shoes, inspired by Spring and the beautiful Japanese cherry tree blossom.


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Made for women’s bodies

Due to physiological differences, women’s movements are different from men’s movements. And for this reason, ASICS has decided to design sports gear that will help you as a woman get the best out of your work-out and your movements. 
Whether you need supporting and light clothes, or special-designed running shoes, you will find it in Sakura, which translates to a new beginning.

Because running time is quality time with yourself – time to find balance, listen to your body, clear your mind, and leave behind all of your worries. Without the distraction of poorly fitted running clothes or bad shoes.





This is how the shoes of the Sakura collection are designed

A smoother transition

The outsole’s specialised flex grooves are adapted to the female foot, which ensures to balance your strides and provide a smoother movement.




A cushioned stride

The shoes of the Sakura collection are designed with 3 mm of additional height to offer women better shock-absorption and support when they run.



Improved stability

The hard piece of plastic in the midsole of the stability shoes – which serves the purpose of stabilising the shoes – is designed for the female body and its movements. This preserves the stability of the shoe and offers a smooth, rolling-action of the foot at the toe-off. As a result, the shoes will naturally follow the movements of your foot.




Find a shoe for your needs  

No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, you will be able to find just the right gear for your needs in the ASICS Sakura collection. 
Pick between the iconic models: GEL-Nimbus 23, Glideride 2, Dynablast, or GT 1000 10 to supplement your training and get extra motivation for your work-out routines. 
Discover the entire collection below


ASICS GEL-Nimbus 23

ASICS GEL Nimbus 23


ASICS GEL-Nimbus is for the runner with a neutral style of running.
This shoe offers maximum shock-absorption and is labelled as an everyday trainer which makes it a great shoe for the long runs at a calm tempo. A running shoe to guarantee an incredibly comfortable run from the first kilometre until the very last.


Buy Nimbus 23 here


ASICS Glideride 2

ASICS Glideride 2


ASICS Glideride is ASICS’ version of an innovative running shoe for everyday training and long-distance race days, like the half marathons or the marathons. It distinguishes itself from other ASICS models by having a curved forefoot, which reportedly provides a more efficient run, so you can run for longer without using more energy.

With the ASICS Glideride, you will get a unique and innovative running shoe without undermining the comfort. This is because this shoe has plenty of shock-absorption and springiness – without feeling too soft.


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ASICS Dynablast

ASICS Dynablast


Dynablast is highly recommended for the neutral runner that wants a responsive running experience. This shoe has an extremely good fit that hugs around the foot, while the light and breathable upper makes sure to keep your feet comfortable throughout your run.

A great shoe for different uses – it is, however, especially great when you wish to pick up the pace for the interval training and race day.  


Buy Dynablast here 


Sakura – This Is For Me  

No matter what goal you have set for your running, the Sakura products are designed to help you enjoy being active. This is because ASICS believes in the positive effect that physical activity has on our mind and soul.

The new Sakura collection allows you to find your balance, listen to your body, and clear your mind.

Sakura allows you to own your run. 
Because Sakura is designed to accommodate all your running needs as a woman



Buy the Sakura collection here


ASICS Sakura


ASICS Sakura


ASICS Sakura


ASICS Sakura



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