See the light in dark times with the new ASICS Sunrise Red-collection

See the light in dark times with the new ASICS Sunrise Red-collection

In the wake of a dismal 2020, ASICS have in 2021 launched a plan to spread positivity signified through their new collection: Sunrise Red.
A collection which includes the most iconic running shoes of the brand in inspiring new shades of red. A collection which is designed to move your body and mind as well as spreading joy and positivity in a time where the world needs it the most. 


Learn more about the story behind the Sunrise Red collection below and find out which top models are included in the exciting collection of running shoes in completely new color combinations. 


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ASICS Sunrise Red


ASICS = Sound mind, Sound body

ASICS have always believed that being active is healthy for the body and mind. 
That is also the reasoning behind their brand name, ASICS, an acronym for the Latin expression ’Anima Sana In Corpore Sano’ which translated into English means: ’Sound Mind in a Sound Body’. A name and a story which today in a time where the world is facing a global pandemic has more significance than ever and provides an important message to spread around. And this is now also the reason why ASICS encourage all people to be active to improve their mental health. 


ASICS Sunrise Red


Move your body and lift your mind 

2021 is not just another year. Its a new beginning after 2020 which was a terrible year for everybody. 
ASICS wants to inspire and help people believe that 2021 will be a step forward.
”Move Your Body, Uplift Your Mind” is the slogan of the campaign set to inspire as many as possible to find the mental advantages of doing sports and being active. 

As the first step in the process starting January 2021, ASICS encourage everyone to join and support their mission of being active to improve their mental health. 


ASICS Sunrise Red


ASICS Sunrise Red


ASICS Sunrise Red


Start moving at sunrise 

ASICS wants to motivate and inspire individuals to be active straight from sunrise. Not only for their own mental health - but also for others. 
Sunrise is a symbol of hope, birth and resurrection and will take part in spreading the message of staying positive during dark times. 

Support the message from ASICS to create positive vibes and get your day off to a perfect start by being active from sunrise. You will guaranteed experience a boost of energy and mental surplus for the rest of the day. 


ASICS Sunrise Red


Share your positive vibes and make a difference

ASICS encourage everyone who runs at sunrise to share their #SunriseMind-selfie with the world. This will not only take part in getting the message out but also at the same time support a good purpose. 

For every selfie you share with the hashtag #SunriseMind, ASICS will make donations for the charity foundation Mind, which is focused around mental health. 
The donations will be used to support research with mental health in sport and motivate more people to become more active for their own well-being. 

The purpse is to get 50.000 shares with the hastag #SunriseMind on social media profiles Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The campaign kicks off on 13.January and ends on 28 March 2021.


What to do:

  1. 1. Get up and get active at sunrise. Every activity counts whether its running, walking or something else.
  3. 2. Take a sunrise-selfie, upload it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use the hastag #SunriseMind (Remember to make your profile public, so ASICS can see your picture).
  5. 3. ASICS will then make a donation on the basis of your #SunriseMind-selfie for the Mind Foundation.

Take part in spreading positivity and support a great purpose by uploading your selfie before 28 March 2021.




ASICS Sunrise Red


ASICS Sunrise Red


A collection to get you going 

Regardless how or why you run, you will be able to find a shoe fit for your needs in the new Sunrise Red collection.

The collection is made in bright shades of red to inspire you to get active and get you going. 


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ASICS Sunrise Red


See the different models in the Sunrise Red collection below:


ASICS GEL-Cumulus 22


ASICS Sunrise Red


ASICS GEL-Cumulus 22 is a neutral running shoe with a moderate shock absorption for the runner who wants a soft and flexible high-mileage training shoe with a great fit. 
Its somewhat lighter than ASICS GEL-Nimbus 23, which makes it great for both short and long runs. So if you are in need of a versatile running shoe for a daily workout with plenty of variation, this shoe is the perfect choice.


Buy Cumulus 22 here


ASICS GEL-Kayano 27


ASICS Sunrise Red


ASICS GEL-Kayano 27 is a stability shoe suited for runners with mild to moderate pronation.
Thanks to its tremendous schock absorption, the shoe is particularly well-suited for high-mileage training and in many ways its similar to GEL-Nimbus – only in a more stable version. 
Kayano 27 differentiates through the TRUSSTIC SYSTEM-technology in the Men´s and Women´s models to make a specific fit for the different foot shapes and landing/take-off of men and women.  


Buy Kayano 27 here


ASICS GEL-Nimbus 23


ASICS Sunrise Red


ASICS GEL-Nimbus is for the neutral runner. Despite being characterized as a neutral running shoe, its much more stable than many other neutral shoes in the market thanks to the solid construction around the backend of the foot. 
It offers max. shock absorption and belongs in the category of high-mileage training shoes making it great for long runs at a steady pace. 
Its a running shoe which ensures a comfortable run from beginning to the end. 


Buy Nimbus 23 here


ASICS Glideride


ASICS Sunrise Red


ASICS Glideride is an innovative running shoe suited for high-mileage training as well as long-run competitions life half-marathons or or marathons. Its constructed with a curvy forefoot which takes part in offering a more efficient run thanks to its return energy. 
In addition Glideride has plenty of shock absorption and bounce which makes it very comfortable.


Buy Glideride here


ASICS Novablast


ASICS Sunrise Red


ASICS Novablast is for the neutral runner who wants to try a soft and resilient running shoe which will provide a fun run. Its designed with ASICS´ FLYTEFOAM BLAST-midsole material which provides a bouncy effect at every step.
For most people, Novablast will be an alternative to their daily training shoe but experienced runners will be able to use it for all their workouts. 


Buy Novablast here


Move Your Body, Uplift Your Mind 

2021 is all about seeing the light in dark times.
Lace up your running shoes, head out into the sunset and feel how being active provides you with a mental surplus to think more positively. 

And remember to share your experience with the rest of the world 
Together we are stronger.




Buy the Sunrise Red kollektionen here


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