The best HOKA ONE ONE running shoes in 2021 - See the entire list here

The best HOKA ONE ONE running shoes in 2021 - See the entire list here

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HOKA ONE ONE shoes are known for their maximum shock absorption, minimal weight and low heel drop. Read on for an overview of the best HOKA running shoes!


HOKA ONE ONE (pronounced: hoka o-nay o-nay) was founded in 2009 by two French trail runners who wanted to create the ultimate running experience. And they have been very successful. Because in record time HOKA has become a recognised running shoe brand that is known and loved all over the world.

All HOKA ONE ONE running shoes feature maximum shock absorption, minimal weight and a low heel drop of 4 or 5 mm. All shoes have a slightly curved sole construction, the Meta-Rocker design, which creates a very smooth and efficient roll from landing to toe-off to support the runner's natural stride. 

At first glance, many of the shoes appear large and clumsy. However, all HOKA running shoes are designed with an Active Foot Frame, which means that the foot is down in the midsole, instead of on top of the midsole. It means that the sole is higher up on the outside of the shoe than where the foot is inside the shoe. Which is why the sole looks particularly beefy. This Active Foot Frame design beds the heel and foot deeply into the midsole, working like a bowl that embraces and supports the foot from all sides.

I can also assure you that the shoes are SIGNIFICANTLY lighter than they look! And once you've got them on your feet, you won’t want to take them off again. They are incredibly comfortable, and HOKA ONE ONE is probably the brand on the market that offers the best ‘comfort to weight’ ratio.

Here's a quick overview of the best HOKA ONE ONE running shoes you can buy right now.



Best for daily training - HOKA ONE ONE CLIFTON 7

hoka one one clifton 7

HOKA ONE ONE CLIFTON 7 beautifully encapsulates everything that HOKA ONE ONE represents. CLIFTON 7 offers soft and comfortable cushioning, a smooth stride and it's also surprisingly lightweight. With CLIFTON 7, HOKA in many ways delivers the perfect combination of ‘light’ and ‘soft’. CLIFTON is traditionally the best selling running shoe from HOKA, and that’s probably due to its enormous versatility. CLIFTON works great whether you run long, short, fast or slow!

Type: Neutral - Daily training.
Weight: 247 g. (UK 8), 217 g. (UK 5.5)
Heel drop: 5 mm



Best comfort - HOKA ONE ONE BONDI 7

hoka one one bondi 7

HOKA means comfort. And if you’re looking for maximum comfort, it doesn’t get any better than HOKA ONE ONE BONDI 7The shoe is ultra soft and cushioning and very gentle on the body. With BONDI 7, you’ll feel like you’re running on pillows. At first glance, the sole looks very thick and maximalist. However, actually the Bondi 7 is LIGHTER than competitors like Asics GEL-Nimbus, ADIDAS ULTRABOOST and Saucony Triumph. The BONDI 7 is designed for daily exercise and to provide optimum comfort on all your runs.

Type: Neutral - Daily training.
Weight: 303 g. (UK 8), 252 g. (UK 5.5)
Heel drop: 4 mm

Buy Hoka Bondi 7 here



Best fast volume running shoes – HOKA ONE ONE CLIFTON EDGE

hoka one one clifton edge

Clifton Edge is a lighter and faster version of the popular Clifton 7. Hoka One One Clifton Edge is designed with new foam which is 15% lighter than what is used in Clifton 7. This makes Clifton Edge ideal for runs where you want to run faster without compromising on comfort. You can also easily use the shoe for your easy-going runs as the unusual heel absorbs the landing phase shock providing a more smooth and gentle gait. In addition Hoka One One Clifton Edge has a wider sole contributing to increased stability.


Type: Neutral - Daily training, Speed sessions
Weight: 270 g. (UK 8), 268 g. (UK 5.5)
Heel drop: 5 mm



Best stability/pronation running shoes - HOKA ONE ONE ARAHI 4

hoka one one arahi 5

HOKA ONE ONE ARAHI 5 is one of the lightest stability running shoes on the market. And it is HOKA’s best running shoe for the over-pronated runner who needs extra support and stability. With the ARAHI 5 you are assured of the familiar, comfortable ‘HOKA feeling’ but in a more stable package. The stability of the ARAHI 5 comes primarily from HOKA’s J-Frame Technology, where a firmer foam material (shaped like the letter J) delivers an extra stabilising effect when the foot rolls through the stance phase. The ARAHI 5 is definitely a stable and supportive running shoe, but it feels extremely dynamic, balanced and smooth. Compared to the above-named neutral shoes, the ARAHI 5 is most reminiscent of the CLIFTON, which is similarly a super versatile running shoe that can be used on both short and long runs.

Type: Stability - Daily training.
Weight: 275 g. (UK 8), 221 g. (UK 5.5)
Heel drop: 5 mm



Best for intervals, fast runs and short competitions - HOKA ONE ONE RINCON 2

hoka one one rincon 2

The HOKA ONE ONE RINCON 2 is one of the lightest and fastest shoes in the HOKA line-up. Thanks to the EVA midsole, the RINCON 2 will provide you with a fantastically soft and great comfort mile after mile without compromising the pace. It has been called the lighter version of the popular CLIFTON, but with its light weight, the RINCON 2 feels significantly faster and more responsive. For this reason, it is the obvious choice for the fast-paced training sessions and race-day. The RINCON 2 brilliantly combines soft shock-absorption at landing with a responsive toe-off – it ensures fast acceleration.

Type: Neutral - Speed sessions / Racing.
Weight: 218 g. (UK 8), 204 g. (UK 5.5)
Heel drop: 5 mm

Best race shoes for longer races - HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X 2

hoka one one carbon x 2

HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X 2 is a high-performance racer with a midsole carbon plate. It makes it incredibly resilient to help your forward drive. In addition to the carbon-plate, the shoe is designed with PROFLY X, which is HOKA’s lightest and most bouncy foam. The upper is ultra thin and the shoe is optimized throughout for speed. It also feels firmer, faster and more responsive than any other HOKA running shoe. Compared to other racers, CARBON X 2 has a rather wide base, which makes it more spacious and stable than most racers in the market and thereby also suitable for a larger section of runners.
HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X 2 is the best HOKA shoe if you want to run fast over long distances like half marathons and marathons. The world record for the 50-mile distance was set in the predecessor CARBON X, and this shoe is therefore one of the few real competitors for Nikes Vaporfly- and AlphaFly-models.

Type: Neutral - Racing.
Weight: 239 g. (UK 8), 198 g. (UK 5.5)
Heel drop: 5 mm



Best race shoes for shorter races - HOKA ONE ONE ROCKET X

hoka one one rocket x

HOKA ONE ONE ROCKET X is HOKA’s absolute fastest shoes for short distances. ROCKET X has the same carbon plate as in CARBON X 2, which provides a wild an explosive take-off. In addition ROCKET X is equipped with the same foam used in CLIFTON EDGE. The light, soft foam works really well with the carbon plate and the so-called meta-rocker which helps your forward motion.  So you can expect that HOKA ONE ONE ROCKET X is even faster and more responsive than CARBON X 2, making it ideal for short competitions.

Type: Neutral - Racing.
Weight: 210 g. (UK 8)
Heel drop: 5 mm



Best for long trail running - HOKA ONE ONE SPEEDGOAT 4

hoka one one speedgoat 4

The HOKA ONE ONE SPEEDGOAT 4 is an award-winning trail running shoe that offers good grip and superior comfort. The shoe is equipped with 5 mm-long Vibram® Mega Grip lugs that provide a secure grip on all surfaces – whether dry or wet. The SPEEDGOAT 4 has a super-soft and forgiving midsole that provides you with exceptional comfort under the foot. It is designed for the ultra runner and those who often run longer distances over rough terrain. However, if you’re the type who just wants maximum comfort for all your trail running, the HOKA ONE ONE SPEEDGOAT 4 would make an excellent choice. Compared to previous versions, there is now more space around the toes so that even more runners will now have the chance to experience how incredibly comfortable this shoe is to run in.

Type: Trail running shoes.
Weight: 293 g. (UK 8), 262 g. (UK 5.5)
Heel drop: 4 mm




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