The 6 best ADIDAS running shoes of 2020 – see the full overview here

The 6 best ADIDAS running shoes of 2020 – see the full overview here

Cecilie Nielsen
 By Cecilie Nielsen


ADIDAS is a world-wide brand renowned especially for the BOOST midsole material. This is an overview of the best ADIDAS running shoes on the market right now!


ADIDAS is on the of the world’s top producers of sports shoes and equipment and in this article, we present some of the best ADIDAS running shoes on the market right now. It all started back in 1924, in the German city of Herzogenaurach. Under the brand name of Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrikthe brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler started producing sports shoes.

Due to a family dispute in 1947 the brothers split up, and Rudolf Dassler subsequently started the PUMA brand, while Adolf Dassler founded ADIDAS a year later. Today, both brands are headquartered where it all started for Adolf and Rudolf - in Herzogenaurach.

Since then, ADIDAS has become one of the top sports brands of the world.

ADIDAS is particularly renowned for its revolutionary BOOST cushioning material offering a fantastic cushioning and return energy technology. Today, ADIDAS continues to iterate Boost and push the concept and development of running shoes even further ahead.

Here is your overview of the six best ADIDAS running shoes on the market right now.



Best comfort - ADIDAS Ultraboost 20

adidas ultraboost 20

ADIDAS Ultraboost is a true classic, and an extremely comfortable and soft running shoe for the neutral runner. Ultraboost 20 comes with a stable and super elastic upper, wrapping the foot with a fantastic and adaptive supportive fit that enhances movement. ADIDAS Ultraboost 20 is made for long road runs and are by far the most comfortable ADIDAS running shoe. So if you are looking for a running shoe with MAXIMUM comfort, the ADIDAS Ultraboost 20 should land in your shopping bag.

Type: Neutral - Everyday training.
Weight: 310 g. (EU M 42), 280 g. (EU W 39)
Midsole drop: 10 mm



Best everyday trainer - ADIDAS Solar Boost 19

adidas solar boost 19

ADIDAS Solar Boost 19 is a super soft running shoe for the neutral runner, accommodating for a comfortable and adaptable running experience on distances from 5K to marathon. Solar Boost 19 provides exactly the right level of stability, cushioning and comfort needed for your everyday run. Solar Boost 19 is less soft but more stable than Ultraboost 20.

Type: Neutral/Supination - Everyday training.
Weight: 275 g. (EU M 42), 240 g. (EU W 39)
Midsole drop: 10 mm



Best stability/pronators’ running shoe - ADIDAS Solar Boost ST 19

adidas solar boost st 19

ADIDAS Solar Boost ST 19 is the stability model of the ADIDAS Solar Boost 19. This shoe is for the pronator requiring mild to moderate pronation support. Solar Boost ST 19 provides added stability around the foot without compromising on confort. The Solar Boost b 19 should be your preferred running shoes if you need pronation support built into an all-round trainer.

Type: Stability – everyday training
Weight: 307 g. (EU M 42), 270 g. (EU W 39)
Midsole drop: 10 mm



Best value for money – ADIDAS Solar Glide 19

adidas solar glide 19

ADIDAS Solar Glide 19 is a true bargain! These neutral running sneakers are built for everyday runs and long-distance runs. ADIDAS Solar Boost 19 and ADIDAS Solar Glide 19 are very much alike, but Solar Glide 19 offers slightly less stability than Solar Boost 19, as well as it presents a more traditional upper. This is also reflected by the price difference, and given the only few differences, the Solar Glide 19 is truly best value for money.

Type: Neutral – everyday training
Weight: 288 g. (EU M 42), 253 g. (EU W 39)
Midsole drop: 10 mm


Best racing or up-tempo running shoe - ADIDAS Adizero Boston 8

hoka one one arahi 4

ADIDAS Adizero Boston 8 is an all-round neutral running shoe for short run training, up-tempo workouts, speed and race training as well as for race-day running. For the experienced runner Aiddas Adizero Boston 8 is also a strong mileage training partner. Compared to ADIDAS SL20, Boston 8 feels a bit firm/hard which gives it a nice bouncy foot stride feel.

Type: Neutral – uptempo/racing/everyday training
Weight: 237 g. (EU M 42), 201 g. (EU W 39)
Midsole drop: 10 mm



Best all-round fast running shoe - ADIDAS SL20

Adidas SL20

ADIDAS SL20 is designed as a fast running shoe which caters to all runners and all speeds. It is for anyone who wants to feel fast! Compared to ADIDAS Adizero Boston 8, these trainers are softer, more cushioned and more responsive, yet as “bouncy”. The SL20 model is supportive, providing a degree of control and comfort not often seen with light and fast running shoes. The SL20 is for both the new runner and the more experienced runner wanting a fast “running shoe number 2”

Type: Neutral – uptempo/race
Weight: 230 g. (EU M 42 2/3), 184 g. (EU W 39)
Midsole drop: 10 mm


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