Testing three cool Columbia Montrail Trail shoes – look at the differences and find your favorite

Testing three cool Columbia Montrail Trail shoes – look at the differences and find your favorite

We have tested three cool trail shoes from Columbia Montrail. In this article we´ll give a review of the three to help you choose the model best suited for your needs.  

We have tested Columbia Montrail FKT, Columbia Montrail Caldorado III and Columbia Montrail Trans Alps FKT III, which differ in various areas.


Comparison table 

Have a look at the comparison table which clarifies the differences and find reviews of each individual shoe further down.


Columbia Montrail


Columbia Montrail FKT


Columbia Montrail FKT


Columbia Montrail F.K.T. is the model with the least aggressive grip. It makes for a super versatile trail running shoes which can also be used for hiking in all sorts of terrain. 

Columbia Montrail F.K.T. provides a luxurious and soft shock absorption making all runs comfortable regardless of distance and pace. The midsole is very durable and efficient in its shock absorption making Montrail F.K.T. ideal for long distance - or ultra running or for anyone who just wants superb comfort on all runs. 

See Lauras video review of Columbia Montrail FKT here. 

Buy Montrail FKT here



Columbia Montrail Caldorado III


Columbia Montrail Caldorado III


Columbia Montrail Caldorado III is the perfect choice for the runner who wants a trail shoe with superb all-round grip and a super comfortable, spacious and supportive fit.

Columbia Montrail Caldorado III provides unique shock absorption and stability even after many hours on the trail. At the same time the outsole is very flexible helping to give you an even better grip and traction on virtually all surfaces. This makes the shoe completely ideal for running on dirt roads, for long distance running or hardcore UTMB.

Check out Camillas video review of Columbia Montrail Caldorado III here.       

Buy Montrail Caldorado III here



Columbia Montrail Trans Alps FKT III


Columbia Montrail Trans Alps FKT III


Columbia Montrail Trans Alps F.K.T III is for the runner who needs a trail shoe for more difficult terrain. It has an extremely comfortable upper providing a perfect and spacious fit.

Thanks to a great shock absorption it will allow you to cover various surfaces with ease. At the same time a rock-plate will redirect tough blows to the side instead of letting your legs take the blows. It has 6 mm knobs so you have an extremely good grip on all different surfaces. A terrific shoe and running partner for future trail experiences. 

Check out Jacobs video review of Columbia Montrail Trans Alps FKT III here       

Buy Montrail Trans Alps FKT III here



60 day satisfaction guarantee on Columbia Montrail running shoes

Remember that Lø provide our customers with a  60 day satisfaction guarantee on all Columbia Montrail running shoes. That means you can use the shoes all you like for up to 60 days. And if the shoes for some reason doesn´t live up to your expectations for some reason, then you can get them exchanged or refunded – regardless how much they have been used. So there is absolutely no risk at all trying out a couple of Columbia Montrail trail shoes. 

Read more about satisfaction guarantee here



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