REVIEW: Flowlife Flowpillow Heat - your efficient and portable massage pillow

REVIEW: Flowlife Flowpillow Heat - your efficient and portable massage pillow

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Are you suffering from a bad back, sore neck, or something else? Have you ever had heavy legs after work or after your run? Are you dreaming of getting a massage when you want, where you want, and as often as you like?


If you can tick all the boxes, you should continue reading. In this article, I present to you the Flowlife Flowpillow Heat.

Flowpillow Heat is a massage device with infrared heat to give you a noticeably deep and effective wellness or sports massage. It is rather robust, incredibly effective, and very practical to bring on-the-go.


Flowpillow Heat test


Flowlife – developed by specialists

But first things first, who are the creators behind the Flowpillow? And why can you trust the product?

Flowpillow Heat is produced by Flowlife, a Swedish company that specialises in creating products with a particular focus on wellness and recovery. All of Flowlife’s products have been tested and developed by a carefully selected team of physiotherapists, masseuses, and athletes. All of this is done to ensure the products will give you a great and noticeable massage – in the comfort of your home!

Are you still not convinced? Keep reading.


Compact, robust and user-friendly

The Flowpillow Heat is a wireless massage pillow in a clean and stylish design. It is made from a durable material, which does not scratch, cut, or bother the skin, no matter if you are wearing bare legs or trousers.

On the side of the Flowpillow is two buttons. One button to turn on the massage pillow and the infrared light, and another button to control the speed of the massage balls. The massage balls have three different levels of speed, so you can pick the speed that fits your preference. The lowest speed will deliver something akin to trigger point massage, while the medium and fast speed resemble regular massage.




On the back of the Flowpillow is an elastic band, so you can fasten it to a pillow, chair, or the like. Depending on where you want to receive massage. The Flowpillow is optimal for massaging the lower back, the neck, calves, thighs, lower arm, and buttocks.

And with a weight of 1.6 kg, the Flowpillow Heat is also very robust. Once activated, it will stay still wherever you place it, so it will not bounce around or move!

From merely looking at the product, there is no particular magic about it. However, your perception will change once you turn it on, put yourself into position, and experience the Flowpillow Heat.


Optimise your recover and wellness with infrared

You probably know all too well the feeling of exhaustion after a long day at work, or the feeling of tired, sore, and perhaps even tense muscles post-work-out. These are lactic acids our body produce when we are working out. These lactic acids can have a reducing effect on our performances and general level of energy if we do not recover sufficiently. This is where the massage and the infrared light have a great impact.



Unlike other massage devices and your own masseuse, the Flowpillow can deliver a combination of both massage and heat from the infrared light.

The massage balls help to increase the blood flow to our muscles, which has various benefits. One of the benefits is to clean out the lactic acids for a quicker recovery. Further, the massage also reduces any tensions in the muscles and improves your agility.

The infrared light generates heat, which causes the blood vessels in the muscles to expand and help towards increased blood flow and faster recovery.

In other words, if you want faster recovery, you will benefit from both the massage balls and the infrared light. On the other hand, if you “only” want a wellness massage to loosen up tensions in the neck, back, or somewhere else, you can rely on the massage balls only. Of course, you are always welcome to turn on the infrared light as well for the increased comfort of the heat.


Minimal size, big results

I have used the Flowpillow for wellness – when I need to loosen up my body – and for recoveries after long and tough runs. And considering the size, I must say I am surprised at how efficient it is. The massage balls, which rotate in each direction, truly manage to hit your sore spots.

I have mainly used the Flowpillow on my calves and thighs, which are the areas I usually feel fatigued after my runs. But in particular, my lower back, which is still recovering from my pregnancy. And the feeling of sitting in front of the telly and receiving massage after a long day at work, and long run, or simply a long day is fantastic.

When you turn on the Flowpillow Heat, it will run for 15 minutes, which I think is plenty for a good and thorough massage. When I have used the Flowpillow for the lower back, the 15 minutes have been more than enough. Using it on my calves and thighs, I have changed between each leg. Naturally, the duration of the massage depends on how tired and fatigued you feel.

If you want more than the 15 minutes of massage, you simply just start over and turn on the massage pillow.


Flowpillow Heat test


Your portable masseuse

You can use the Flowpillow everywhere – it is as simple as that.

The Flowpillow Heat is wireless, which makes it even more usable and easy to use, and it is also incredibly lightweight to carry around. The Flowpillow Heat can be used in front of the telly, in the bed, on your travels, at work, on the hotel room, on the beach. The possibilities are endless. 

The pillow can easily fit in your regular work bag, your luggage when you are travelling, or in your gym bag.


Flowpillow Heat test


No more tired legs or body?

Is the Flowpillow a miracle wonder where you will feel completely refreshed after 15 minutes?

No, of course not.  Naturally, your (and my) recovery and energy do not solely depend on the Flowpillow Heat, but there are many other factors to consider. However, one thing is for sure, the Flowpillow will most definitely help you in the right direction. I have experienced a noticeable and helpful effect on my runs and in my day-to-day activities.

I would also like to make a case for the reasonable price. It is a bargain. Of course, everything is relative, and money does not grow on trees, but it is a bargain when you start to consider how much you are actually saving. Not only are you saving money that would go to the masseuse, but you are also saving the frustrations that come from any missed training sessions because of injuries and fatigue, or the irritations of constantly being tired. Considering these worries, the monetary sacrifice for the Flowpillow Heat seems small.


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Is the Flowpillow suitable for everyone?

Yes, it is suitable for everyone. It is incredibly easy to use, and it has a lot of good features that are useful for everyone.

Whether you are running 10k or 100k a week, work a lot, suffer from aches and pains, or simply need a bit of wellness once in a while, you will be satisfied with the Flowpillow in your home.


Why should you buy the Flowpillow? – 5 quick ones

1. The efficiency. It takes up little space but delivers maximum results. 

2. Wireless. You do not need to be near a socket. Instead, you can sit or lay down wherever you want. You only need a wire when it is time for charging.

3. The size. It is small and compact. You can bring it everywhere.

4. Price compared to the results. Money is money, but after a few uses, you will be convinced it was worth the purchase.

5. Quiet. It is almost silent. You can easily use it while watching a film on the sofa


Flowpillow Heat test


Conclusion – worth every penny!

As the headline suggests, I truly believe the Flowpillow Heat is worth every penny. You can combine enjoyment and relaxation with recovery.

The Flowpillow Heat is incredibly efficient, very small, very robust, easy to use, portable, and a very reasonable one-time investment – get as much massage you want, where you want, and when you want.

With the Flowlife Flowpillow, you can treat yourself every day. You will not regret your purchase. It is simply too good!


Buy Flowpillow Heat here



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