Guide: Run safe, alone!

Guide: Run safe, alone!

About Camilla By Camilla Christensen


Running is freedom. Running provides renewed energy and a much needed breather from everyday life. But it also gives you peace of mind. Especially if you run on your own. 

When its just you, your running shoes and the road ahead, peace sets in and your mind runs free. Running can occasionally be the best - and only option to spend time on your own where you are free of disruptions. We all need these little breaks during everyday life. 

Even if most of us prefer to run in daylight because it makes us more secure, this time of year makes it more challenging. A busy day with work, family, etc. often means that you have to run very early in the morning or late at night when its pitch dark outside. 

So how can you run and stay safe during these dark hours of the day? And how can you generally stay safe during your workouts throughout the day? We have tried to put together a guide for staying safe when you are running on your own. 


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1. Run with your phone

Although most people probably think that running with a phone can be difficult and annoying, it is one of the best things to bring along in order to make you safe. With your mobile at hand, you can always make a call if you feel unsafe or want to check your location on a map. 

And if you want your closest friends and family to be able to track your location during your runs, there are different apps you can download which allow you to follow each others whereabouts. Like Apples own app, ”Find” or the app ”FindMe” which is available in the AppStore.

It doesn´t have to be difficult to run with your phone. Fortunately there are great tights or accessories, which makes it easy to bring along your mobile.

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2. Adjust the sound of your headphones 

Although music can be a really good way to shut out the world, forget your pulse or how hard running can be, loud music also makes you forget your surroundings. If the sound is turned up to the max., you may struggle to hear other people in traffic, cars, cyclists, etc.. Therefore it might be a really good idea to adjust the sound of your headphones so that you can enjoy the music but also still pay attention to traffic. 



3. Run facing traffic 

Perhaps you are already used to it, perhps not. But to run facing traffic is one of the best ways to keep track of your surroundings. You won´t be surprised or shocked when a car speeds past you or a cyclist rides very close to you. You can see what is ahead and this makes it easier to relax - and not least react if a car or a cyclist come very close. 


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4. Find an illuminated route 

If you are mostly concerned about twisting a foot or getting injured when you run in the dark, make sure you run in illuminated surroundings. Then you are certain to be able to see small bumps or challenges on the surface while others can see you and you can see them. 

If you struggle to find routes with enough lighting, a head lamp might be a very good option. It may not be the most fashionable device but its practical and safe. And nobody can really see it anyway when you are running at dark. 

If you are a trail runner, a head lamp is probably already your best friend. And if not, then you will quickly learn how valuable it can be. 

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5. Stay visible

A final but very important piece of advice: How to dress. By wearing visible clothes, you have done everything to remain visible in traffic for cyclists, cars, pedestrians, etc.. 

Today there is an ocean of possibilities for clothing which will keep you visible. There is everything from the classic reflective vest to reflective braces, - clothing, - shoes as well as accessories which provides high visibility.  

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