HOKA ONE ONE TORRENT 2 – The lightest and fastest trail-shoe from HOKA

HOKA ONE ONE TORRENT 2 – The lightest and fastest trail-shoe from HOKA

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My best ever trail-shoe experience. I am still relatively new to trail running, but I have still managed to rack up some miles in a variety of different trail-shoes. This HOKA ONE ONE Torrent 2 is, without doubt, the shoe that fits me best. This is the first trail-shoe that has allowed me to run the asphalted path to the forest without feeling a significant difference from a normal running shoe. I believe the difference lies with the lightweight of the trail-shoe and the relatively soft studs that make it a shoe for the fast runs. This suits me perfectly!




Hoka One One Torrent 2 product overview

Type of shoe: Trail-shoe

Surface: Paths, firm grounds, forest.

Weight: 284grams in size 44 2/3. US 10.5.

Drop: 5mm




HOKA ONE ONE Torrent 2 is a fast trail-shoe made for the fast-paced runs. It is the successor to the HOKA ONE ONE Torrent, but this time it comes with an even better and more comfortable upper, which reportedly was the issue of the first model. The shoe is lightweight and even though the studs are not heavily aggressive (5mm), the shoes provide a fantastic grip with the surface. This is due to the sticky rubber blend the outsole and studs are made with. In spite of the lightweight, I still feel stabilised and secure in the shoe.





The HOKA ONE ONE Torrent 2 has a constructed mesh upper, which fits really well around the foot. At the same time, recycled yarn from waste plastic has been used to make it. Genius concept! And it is great with another brand that supports a more sustainable way of producing running shoes. 
The heel and shoe tongue are soft and fairly comfortable, which make for a trail-shoe I could easily run long runs in, despite the light weight and relatively low stack height, compared to other HOKA ONE ONE trail-shoes.
The only downside is that the upper is not waterproof, which means the socks will get wet if you step in a puddle





Here lies the reason for the lightweight of the running shoe. The midsole is made with HOKAs ultra-light material, PROFLY, which is both extremely light and shock-absorbing. I did not have any trouble running on the asphalted road to and from the forest, despite the studs under the shoe. It actually feels just as comfortable as running in a normal running shoe.





Under the sole of the Torrent 2, the studs are not the biggest you will find on a trail-shoe, but it still offers a fantastic grip. The 5mm studs are multi-directional studs to provide the best traction. The outsole is also extremely sticky, and therefore it has great traction on dry surfaces too.





Absolutely genius. Like so many others, I have started to become a great fan of everything HOKA ONE ONE offers. However, I am always a bit more sceptical about trail-shoes, as I feel like the terrain and surface have to be very challenging before it makes sense to use something other than a regular pair of running shoes. But these trail-shoes from Hoka One One inspires me to move away from the wide forest roads and onto the narrow and technically challenging paths.
The shoes are incredibly lightweight, which I like. They are fast and have a great grip with the surface and “almost” feel like a normal running shoe on asphalted roads. Next time I am exploring the more challenging terrains, I will be using these shoes





I would probably say that anyone who does trail running or wants to try trail running should try this shoe. Lightweight, comfortable, and stable. Those are three words most people can relate to and want from a running shoe





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