LIPATI CUMULUS PX JACKET – Sustainable and terrific running jacket!

LIPATI CUMULUS PX JACKET – Sustainable and terrific running jacket!

Se Jacob Halle's profil By Jacob Halle


Lipati is a completely new brand in the European market for running. A running brand focused around producing running gear of the highest quality in sustainable fabrics to help develop runners at all levels. You can read more about the new and very exciting brand here. 


There is no doubt that your first impression of this jacket (once you put it on) is that it is great quality. Its light, comfortable and not too tight. In terms of size, the jacket is also true-to-size.


The jacket is wind - as well as water resistant, so its perfect for windy days and days with drizzling rain. Its still super breathable, so I also use it in somewhat milder weather conditions.  




It has zipped side pockets. Its not something I use myself unless I have a card, a single key or something that doesn´t move around or make too much noise. On the other hand its always nice to have pockets for storage and they don´t take up too much space when they are empty. 



Now we get to the smart feature in this jacket. Not that its a revelation, but its just super cool. In both sleeves around the wrist you´ll find an opening where you can pull through your watch, so you can keep track of time without having to pull up your sleeves all the time. I think that´s very clever! The sleeves are stretchable and follow your natural movements on your runs. 




In total, a jacket that just works in all aspects, a jacket that has quality written all over it. In addition I think its super cool that the jacket is produced in 100% sustainable fabrics in close cooperation with everyday runners and not just the elite. 


I certainly found one of my favorite jackets 



Buy the Lipati PX Jacket here 



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