REVIEW: ADIDAS Supernova - Neutral, all-round running shoe with an exceptional return of energy

REVIEW: ADIDAS Supernova - Neutral, all-round running shoe with an exceptional return of energy

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 By Laura Nijhuis


ADIDAS Supernova is one of the great news of the year from ADIDAS. You will get great shock-absorption, flexibility, and amazing design. Read my review here!


ADIDAS Supernova

The new ADIDAS Supernova should have been promoted in connection with the now postponed Olympics in Tokyo. The shoe should have dressed up the feet of the ADIDAS athletes for the ceremony



Within the astronomical field, a supernova is the scientific term for a stellar explosion. In the explosion, a star will die and then spread the foundation for new life. For this reason, this term perfectly encapsulates the greatest news from ADIDAS. As some may remember, ADIDAS has previously launched a running shoe with the same name. But just as within the astronomical field, the old Supernova is in the past and instead there is a new star lighting up the sky – the ADIDAS Supernova, the year 2020. It is, however, not simply the launch of a new running shoe that is the big news, but also the fact that this shoe is ideal for new runners and new starts. 


ADIDAS Supernova

Does the Supernova sound familiar? ADIDAS has previously had a different model with the same name. However, this is not a direct successor to the earlier editions


It is often said that it is harder to get started from the starting line than it is to cross the finish line. However, the new ADIDAS Supernova is reportedly set to change this! Because the ADIDAS Supernova is – according to ADIDAS’ own statement – designed to help you reach your goals.



There is attention to details when it comes to Supernova’s design. I love how ADIDAS has managed to create a great running shoe that is not too clumsy or over-padded. I could easily see myself using these running shoes as sneakers too, as the design is minimalistic with a bit of an edge. Especially for the women’s model, the focus is on the feminine colours in either the polished or clearer colourways, so there is something for everyone. The men’s models are a bit more dimmed down and cool without being boring. We have made sure to order plenty of different colours, so you can enjoy the wide array of choices!



The ADIDAS Supernova is made with Prime green, which comprises recycled and performance-ready materials. The upper is made up of at least 50% recycled fabrics. It is both sustainable and gives you a clean conscience on your run. 


ADIDAS Supernova


For the upper there is a thin and breathable mesh, which allows your feet to breathe on your run. I have tested the ADIDAS Supernova in the Summer months, and I can clearly feel the airflow – especially around the feet. 



The ADIDAS Supernova is very roomy around the toes. I do not have narrow or wide feet, but there is plenty of room around the front area of the foot and the toes – especially at the outside of the little toe. It helps towards the breathability, as the feet will not get compressed. In terms of size, the ADIDAS Supernova is true-to-size and I will, therefore, recommend you opt for the size you normally wear. 


ADIDAS Supernova


The shoe tongue (the part under the laces) is not too heavily padded, but it still feels incredibly soft over the instep. The shoe tongue is attached to the inside of the shoe with an elastic material, so there is plenty of room – also for those who have a bigger instep. 

Personally, I like how ADIDAS has opted for flat laces, as they feel more natural against the foot, compared to the round laces. This is a small detail, but it is worth including. 



The heel cap is relatively tall and delivers great support for the heel and Achilles tendon. The heel cap is covered with a soft fabric and, therefore, does not annoy the delicate skin around the Achilles tendon. Even though the heel cap is soft, it does not feel loose in any way. This is because the heel cap goes high up over the Achilles tendon, and you, therefore, do not get the feeling of the shoe falling off. This makes the running shoe ideal for people that sometimes suffer from irritations around the Achilles tendon.


ADIDAS Supernova



The ADIDAS Supernova is a neutral running shoe with superior comfort in the midsole. Supernova has a hybrid midsole of BOOST technology in the heel and Bounce technology at the forefoot. 


ADIDAS Supernova


The BOOST technology was first launched in 2013 and has since followed the ADIDAS running shoes ever since. BOOST is renowned for a great return of energy, which – as the name suggests – boosts your toe-off. This way, you can run mile after mile without losing performance.

The hybrid composition of the Bounce and BOOST material delivers flexible shock-absorption at the forefoot and a responsive shock-absorption at the heel.

The outsole is made with profiled rubber materials, which is slightly stiffer than the BOOST material. It ensures reliable and non-slip traction with the ground. 


ADIDAS Supernova


I have tested the ADIDAS Supernova in both dry and wet weather conditions without slipping or having unfortunate landings. The fit and comfort help to ensure a secure rolling-action of the foot on both asphalted roads and (gravel) paths. 


ADIDAS Supernova



Overall, the ADIDAS Supernova is a really good running shoe for an affordable price. The upper is breathable and the midsole materials work together in delivering great shock-absorption and return of energy for the rolling-action of your foot. 

With a weight of 282 grams (in a size 39,5) and its great shock-absorption, the ADIDAS Supernova is particularly suitable for both the short-distance and long-distance runs in calm to moderate tempo. It is not a particularly light nor a heavy running shoe, which makes it a great all-round running shoe. I will not classify the Supernova as a shoe out of the ordinary, but it is, on the other hand, super comfortable to wear and it does what it says on the tin. For this reason, the Supernova would be a safe choice for most runners and especially for you who do not have big requirements to what a running shoe should be capable of. With the ADIDAS Supernova, you will safely get from A to B with great comfort for the entire journey. 


ADIDAS Supernova


Regarding the comfort, the ADIDAS Supernova reminds me of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus and the Asics GEL-Cumulus, which are also great suggestions of all-round running shoes for both the short-distance and long-distance runs in all kinds of tempo. 

However, I think, in particular, the Bounce technology in the Supernova should be highlighted. The Bounce material feels remarkably soft and supporting for the forefoot – in my view, that is one of the most luxurious things about the ADIDAS Supernova.

However, if you, unlike me, land on the heel, you will benefit from the responsive BOOST material.


ADIDAS Supernova


With the new Supernova, ADIDAS tries to create a direct competitor to the popular running shoe Nike Air Zoom Pegasus. In both cases, we are dealing with a neutral and incredibly versatile running shoe, and it is, therefore, suitable for most runners at any level. 

Whether you are a beginner or have been running for years, the ADIDAS Supernova will be a great pick for a running shoe for the short and long distances in any kind of tempo. The Supernova has been perfect for me whenever I have been on holiday, or I have gone for a run without a particular plan in mind, as this pair of running shoes will perform no matter what challenge I bring to them.

The ADIDAS Supernova is the perfect all-round running shoe regardless of the distance and duration. You will get great comfort, a nice fit, and gorgeous design without having to pay an awful lot. 


Buy ADIDAS Supernova here 



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