Aftershokz Open Move – Innovative headphones safe in traffic

Aftershokz Open Move – Innovative headphones safe in traffic

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 By Jacob Halle


I have lately tested the headphones, Aftershokz Open Move. They use a different technology where you won´t hear music the traditional way through the ear canal. Instead music will travel through vibrations transmitted via the cheekbone where the headphones are placed, so there is no risk of them dropping out of your ears during the run. A different but certainly not a bad new design. At the same time the Aftershokz headphones will make you safe in traffic as you can still hear cars and everything else around you.





- Weight 29 gram.

- Battery life 6 hours, fully charged in 2 hours  

- Standby battery life 10 hours.

- IP55 Water resistant.

- Wireless range 33 feet (or about 10 m)

- Headphones can be used for communication via phone

- Bluetooth 5.0




Aftershokz Open Move - First impression

We know the feeling. You are on a run where you just want to listen to your favorite music or podcast. You have been looking forward to it. The music is playing and everything is just great until your earplugs either drop out or need to be adjusted constantly. Its annoying! 
With Aftershokz OpenMove you won´t have that problem as you will hear music via vibrations tranmitted via your cheekbones. You are probably thinking: What?! But it actually works quite well.
I was very excited to find out how it would work and how good the sound would be. There are certainly a number of advantages of not having headphones inside your ear. Traffic safety! When I am on the run with my in-ear headphones, I can´t hear a thing and I am completely closed off from the rest of the world. It certainly has its advantages but with a wife and two kids, safety has become a huge issue for me. The cool thing about Aftershokz is that I can hear cars, people shouting or using their horn, ambulances, etc..  However, I am not bothered by those sounds as they function as background noise. The sound in focus is the sound from your headphones. It works for me and makes me more safe when I am running in traffic.  And when you are running on small roads its also nice to be able to hear when a car is approaching from behind!  
The sound is great, it really is. And there are no earplugs dropping out or creating discomfort. They can play music and there is nothing blocking the sound. But if you do want to block off all sound from the outside, a couple of earplugs are included in the box. 




Water resistance

The headphones are unfortunately not completely waterproof but IP55 water resistant.  The first number 5 relates to a scale showing how much dust and other small components the headphones can keep out. The scale ranges from 0-6, so 5 is quite high. The next number 5 is related to how much water the headphones are able to keep out and here the scale goes from 0-8. So they are not right at the top but you shouldn´t be worried that they won´t be able to tolerate the amount of sweat you produce during training. They are even tested with the amount of sweat I produce which is quite a lot - and they still work. You can certainly also rest assure that the headphones will be able to tolerate one or two small showers on your run.  





How does the technology work then? Small vibrations are transferred via the cheekbone directly to the inner ear around the eardrum. Its the same as when you hear your own voice or that crunching noise when you are eating chips. It makes perfect sense but its still a bit transgressive to hear music in that way. 




Aftershokz Open Move - How to use it

The headphones are extremely user friendly and they are very easy to control. You only need to control a few buttons and they are easy to access. Its all centered around two buttons right by the right ear. Here you are able to turn the sound up, turn down, switch songs, take incoming calls and turn on/off. This is of course also possible directly from your watch or smartphone. 





In total, you get a great couple of headphones with a superb sound and a comfortable fit. The price is also fair but if you want a cheaper or more expensive model, this is also possible with Aftershokz TREKZ, which is slightly cheaper and Atershokz Aeropex, which is slightly more expensive. Some of the advantages in Aeropex is that it has longer battery life, are more water resistant, has even better sound and doesn´t weigh as much. There is also a protective box included. Find all our Aftershokz products here


Now I will go for a run with my Aftershokz OpenMove and enjoy some great music. 

Buy Aftershokz Open Move here 



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