REVIEW: Flowlife Flowmat – sustainable training mat made in cork with fantastic extra gains

REVIEW: Flowlife Flowmat – sustainable training mat made in cork with fantastic extra gains

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 By Laura Nijhuis


Do you need a training mat in great quality? Then you should read the review of Flowlife Flowmat and find out how you can make a difference by buying this particular training mat. 



Flowmat is a training mat in great quality thanks to the sustainable materials which has been used in the production. The upper side consists of natual cork while the bottom side is in natural rubber. 

The cork-look is elegant and natural. It oozes a certain warmth and quality - not least when you feel it.  Its exciting that Flowlife with Flowmat offers you the possibility to make the sustainable choice - also when it comes to training equipment.  

It has a good weight and my first impression was that it feels durable and solid! 

Also it has a unique look which makes it very recognisable - which I really like. 



The Flowmat yoga mat rolls out perfectly - every time! There are no tedious folds after rolling it up. 

Flowmat has the following measurements: Length: 183 cm Width: 61 cm Thickness: 0,4 cm



For every Flowmat, purchased, Flowlife will plant a tree. And with 2020 modern consumers being more focused on doing something good for the environment than ever before, Flowlife manages to encapture the focus on sustainability and the trend of the moment with this training mat. 

By purchasing Flowmat you will avoid exposing your body to chemically produced materials and at the same time you will contribute positively to the environment. In that way, you don´t only buy a product but also a great story and a slice of goodwill if you will.



When a sustainable product comes out, I am always curious how sustainablity and stability have been combined in practise. So before my test of Flowmat I was focused on whether the yoga mat was comfortable, sweat-repellent and non-slip

I see time and time again that yoga mats available in gyms are too thin. You can feel the floor though the mats which is very uncomfortable in those situation where you 
are pressing down on your elbows or knees. Consequently I bought a thicker training mat a couple of years ago but it didn´t work well with yoga positions or exercises where your balance or stability is challenged because I didn´t have enough touch with the floor. 

I don´t have that problem with Flowmat. The 0,4 cm thickness of the mat is thick enough to protect the body against the hard floor but at the same time it is thin enough to provide great stability and safety when you do balance exercises.  




The cork material on the upper side absorbs sweat, so the mat doesn´t get wet or damp when you use it extensively. You can notice sweat on the mat but it doesn´t make visible stains. 

The natural rubber on the bottom side is non-slip, so the mat doesn´t slide around on the floor. It provides great stability when you do exercises on the mat - no matter if you are stretching, doing yoga or strength training exercises. 

In addition I have a safe foothold when I stand on the Flowmat both with and without socks and shoes.  



Yoga classes, strength training in the gym or training at home on the living room floor – No matter what you do to keep your body strong and in balance, a training mat is an essential tool. 




I have several times been in the gym and been short of a training mat because they were all taken. 

Its annoying because it has forced me to lie on the floor. Its not a disaster but if I have to do exercises or yoga positions where you are pressing your knees down on the floor to support yourself, a yoga mat is a must




I don´t have that problem when I can bring my own mat. 

I mostly prefer using my own training mat instead of sharing with others. Training mats tend to get sweaty and therefore its comforting to know that its only yourself who uses it for hygienic reasons. 



- Flowmat is produced in sustainable materials 

- Flowlife plants a tree for every Flowmat sold. In that way you can take part in supporting a good purpose. 

- Flowmat has a great design and is very recognisable

- You don´t have to use the same mat as the others in the yoga class or the gym 

- Flowmat is non-slip and is thick enough to provide optimal stability and protection. 


Buy Flowmat here



When you want to bring your Flowmat to the gym or the yoga class, its an advantage to fasten it somewhere so you have your hands free. 




You can supply your Flowmat order with a Flowlife Yoga Strap. The strap is wide and nice so it doesn´t bite into your skin when you bring the mat along.  In addition it is designed according to the measurements and weight of the Flowmat so the mat is kept solidly in place on your way to and from your training.


Buy Flowlife Yoga Strap here


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