Review: PUMA Deviate Nitro - Ultimate comfort and carbon plate

Review: PUMA Deviate Nitro - Ultimate comfort and carbon plate

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Finally! PUMA have designed a really good running shoe. Puma Deviate Nitro may turn into PUMA´s big breakthrough in the market for running shoes. 

Puma Deviate Nitro is a neutral running shoe with a carbon plate and extraordinary cushioning. A perfect running shoe for extended, pacy runs. But it also works really well for easy-going workouts where you are just cruising...

It is extremely comfortable and provides cushioning like you have never experienced before. This is my review of Puma Deviate Nitro.





- PUMA Deviate Nitro

- Neutral running shoe

- 270 Gram Size 44.5 - US 9.5.

- Carbon plate 

- Nitro midsole 

- High-mileage/Pace shoe


Puma have for many years tried to gain a foothold in the market for running shoes and judging from this shoe, they are really knocking on the door. 

It is superb! With Nitro, Puma have really discovered the right midsole formula. Its extremely soft and responsive and at the same time 46% lighter than traditional midsoles like EVA.


PUMA Deviate Nitro


Its obvious that lots of work has been put into producing materials at the same level as the very best running shoes! If I should compare Puma´s materials to other materials which people are perhaps familiar with, it would have to be New Balance´s Fuelcell .

Puma Deviate Nitro is a shoe you can use for long pacy runs as well as very slow, easy- going workouts. It can handle everything. And  I would also recommend it for the exercise runner. Its a great, great shoe for the one who wants to up the pace over longer distances and enjoy tremendous comfort. 

For many people it will also be an ideal shoe for 10 km excercise runs, half marathons or marathons. Its a shoe suited for a very wide sections of runners. Regardless if you land on your heel-, forefoot or midfoot, it provides great stability at every gait. 

In terms of weight, its at the same level as New Balance Fuelcell TC, but you get the feeling that this is more a high-mileage training shoe than a shoe built for pace thanks to the extreme comfort which Puma Nitro Deviate provides.

As mentioned earlier it has a carbon plate which I didn´t really notice the first time. But it obviously provides flexibility which is perfect when its combimed with the right midsole which is the case here. 

The extreme softness from Nitro and the flexibility from the Innoplate makes the shoe extra responsive and ensures a more efficient run. When you press hard during your take-off, you can really feel how the shoe helps your forward motion. 


PUMA Deviate Nitro


The upper is produced in engineered mesh which is very minimalistic designed which helps to keep the weight down (around 270 gram for size 44.5.) It has a great fit with a tongue attached with two elastic wings. 

Notice that the shoe is slightly large in size, so you should consider choosing a shoe half a size smaller than what you normally wear. 

If I have to mention a slightly negative thing, its the fact that I struggled to get the heel cap to fit perfectly. Its very minimalist and virtually wihout padding. However, you do have the option of using the last hole to tie your laces in order for the shoe to close in more around the ankle - which actually did the trick for me.  


PUMA Deviate Nitro


I am already a huge fan of this new shoe from Puma and right now there is no other shoe I would rather choose for my long runs than Puma Deviate Nitro. At the same time the shoe is also available at a low price level for a carbon plate shoe - which makes it affordable for most people. 

Buy Puma Deviate Nitro here 



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