Running gear and equipment for your raceday - see the list here

Running gear and equipment for your raceday - see the list here

By Malte Kirkebæk

The day for your big race is coming up, its now you should benefit from all your training and you have plenty of butterflies in your stomach. Therefore most people probably won´t choose casual gear for the big race of the day as it does matter what you choose to wear. In this article you´ll get a full summary of what gear to choose for your raceday. 


First and foremost it a great rule of thumb that you shouldn´t wear too much clothes as you will certainly get warm during the race. If you have to wait for a long time at the start, its a good idea to bring an old shirt which you can throw out. Many races have installed a container where you can throw in old running gear and the organisers will then arrange to donate it to somebody who needs it. Alternatively you can cut three holes in a garbage bag and pull it over your head. 


Another piece of good advice is NOT to run in clothes which you haven´t worn a couple of times before. It would be such a shame if the upper itches and your shorts/tights doesn´t stay in place during your run. 



But lets get back to your raceday running gear. Like I said, you shouldn´t wear too much clothes og therefore my clear recommendation is to wear a singlet. The singlet provides full breathability and great ventilation. In addition a singlet doesn´t have a lot of stitches which can itch and create discomfort. 

Lipati singlet herre

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If you are more into T-shirts than singlets, there are also many great light T-shirts. 

Lipati Womens Strato Al regular Tee


You can buy the Lipati t-shirt for men here and for women here

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Split shorts

And now on to your shorts. Again, its important go for something light with a great fit and great ventilation - and in this case split shorts is just a great choice. An incredibly light pair of shorts which provides max. ventilation. 


A good example of a couple of really luxurious split shorts could be these shorts from  Lipati:


 Lipati menair shorts


Short tights:

Some people prefer to run in clothes with a tighter fit. Therefore we have done a summary of our best short tights. The short tights doesn´t have the same ventilation but some runners find it more comfortable to wear tights with a tight fit around your thighs. 


Of course there are also people who prefer regular shorts and therefore we have assembled all our short tights, tights and split shorts. You can find it all here: 

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We now get to the socks. Personally I prefer my socks to be light and able to absorb sweat from your knees and lower legs and of course they have to have a great fit. But again, its very subjective what works for the individual runner. So get some great socks well ahead of your race and test them to find out if they work for you. 

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Its different from runner to runner if you think headwear is comfortable. Some people prefer a headband, others prefer a cap but common for them is that they are able to absorb your sweat. It can certainly be a big help to wear a headband or a cap if you often struggle getting sweat in your eyes.

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Fluid belts:

If you are going for a longer run like a half marathon or a marathon, it might be a good idea to carry some energy gels or fluids on our run. When you are heading out for longer distances, you may need gels or some other kind of energy and consequently a belt to carry these might be a good idea. 

Check out our belts and fluid belts here



And while we are talking about energy, it can be a really good idea to find out which kind of energy you want to consume during your run. Are you into liquid gel or should your energy have a more firm consistency? Should it taste like citrus or peanutbutter? And do you take one or two? All things to be tested before the big race. 


Last but not least a little thing to remember: You can get friction wounds in your armpits and on your inner thighs when you get sweaty. Therefore its a great idea to apply a layer of cream in your armpits and or on your inner thighs. 

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Now you are all set to go!


Have a great run


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