TEST: Saucony Guide 13 – running shoe review

TEST: Saucony Guide 13 – running shoe review

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 By Jesper Petersen


Saucony Guide 13 is an all-round running shoe for the one who needs a bit more support and stability when running. Read the review here!


Saucony Guide 13 is the immediate successor to the Saucony Guide ISO 2. A lot of stuff has happened, for Saucony has updated almost everything in the shoe.


ISOFIT is over

Just as with the Saucony Triumph 17, which I recently reviewed, Saucony has dropped the ISOFIT upper. ISO is therefore no longer part of the name of the shoe. The new shoe is instead simply named “Guide 13”, since it is all in all the thirteenth shoe in the Guide series.


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saucony guide 13 vs iso 2


New midsole

Under the foot, we have a midsole of a new material called PWRRUN. It makes the Guide 13 feel a bit softer and with a bit more bounce in comparison to the predecessor Guide ISO 2.

Saucony Guide 13 is, as mentioned, a stable and supportive running shoe. The Guide 13 gets its stability from the so-called “guidance frame” on the inside of the shoe.


saucony guide 13 test


This is quite a new way to think stability. It is an L-shaped piece of plastic that holds the whole midsole back.

For most stability and pronation running shoes (Saucony Guide ISO 2 included), you typically find a firmer foam material on the inside, which does not compress as easily, helping to stop your foot to roll inward or pronate, as it is called.

This new way to think stability in, where you combine the same material in all of the midsole with the piece of plastic, makes the shoe feel even smoother and effortless to run in. The Guide 13 provides the same support as the Guide ISO 2, but you almost do not feel how much it is working – and that is a good thing, in my opinion.


saucony guide 13 anmeldelse


More comfortable

Saucony Guide 13 also has a new and softer upper, where the toe cap is now located on the inside of the shoe. The shoe has a softer tongue, and there is even more padding around the heel on the inside. All in all, comfort has been turned up high for the whole foot, as it fits you really well.


saucony guide 13 review


Guide 13 provides something close to the perfect balance between support, stability and shock-absorption. It is stable without being too stable, and it has enough shock-absorption for the longest runs without becoming too “couch-like”, if you get what I mean. It is simply a really great all-round running shoe for the runner who needs a bit more support and stability when running.


saucony guide 13 ydersål


Which shoe does the Saucony Guide 13 resemble?

It belongs to the same category as the Asics GT-2000Mizuno Wave Inspire and Nike Air Zoom Structure, for example, that is, the quite light pronation running shoes. So, if those shoes work really well for you, then the Saucony Guide 13 will definitely work for you as well.

If you run in something a bit more shock-absorbing and stable, like the Asics GEL-Kayano or Saucony Hurricane, then the Saucony Guide 13 will feel a bit firmer and a bit faster, as it is more of an all-round shoe that you can also wear on runs where you speed things up a bit.


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