REVIEW: Brooks Glycerin 19 (GTS) - Maximal comfort for the relaxing runs

REVIEW: Brooks Glycerin 19 (GTS) - Maximal comfort for the relaxing runs

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If you, just like me, love running shoes with maximal comfort and shock absorption for your recovery runs and your long and peaceful runs, then Brooks Glycerin 19 is exactly the running shoe you are looking for.

Regardless if you are a neutral runner or need a running shoe with stability. Glycerin 19 exists in both a neutral and stability edition.

Listen to my review of the shoe in the video below. 


Video review of Brooks Glycerin 19/Glycerin 19 GTS here



Brooks Glycerin 19 (GTS) - a ridiculously comfortable running shoe

Glycerin 19 is the softest and most shock-absorbent running shoe from Brooks. And I have definitely felt that. I had such a comfortable running experience in this shoe! The appearance screams sturdiness, but the feeling in the shoe is like running on a cloud.

I have run some really comfortable recovery runs in these shoes where my legs have been very worn out and tired beforehand. But Glycerin 10 have made the runs bearable - and actually downright enjoyable.

I now understand why for many years this shoe has been one of Brooks' most popular running shoes. And the best part is that both neutral runners and runners that need more stability can get this running experience.  


Test Glycerin 19 og Glycerin 19 GTS


The running shoe for both the neutral and stability runner

Brooks has, with this vision, developed Glycerin 19 for the neutral runner and Brooks Glycerin 19 GTS (Go-To-Support) for the runner with pronation. Genius! 

I only have positive things to say about this shoe, bearing in mind that it is a long-distance shoe. And that is exactly the reason I have decided to highlight the three most phenomenal things about the shoe, because this shows why it is outstanding for long-distance running.


Test Glycerin 19 og Glycerin 19 GTS


Soft, soft, SOFT midsole in Glycerin 19 

First things first, the incredibly soft midsole. Regardless if I have run 5km or 17km, there's no difference. Neither in Glycerin 19 or Glycerin 19 GTS. Both models are that soft from beginning to end.

With full DNA LOFT foam in the midsole, I have truly experienced a remarkable shock absorption that has protected my legs against shock and vibrations that radiates throughout your body upon landing.


Test Glycerin 19 og Glycerin 19 GTS


Optimal support in Glycerin 19 GTS with Brooks' GuideRails 

And if you've tried Brooks' GuideRails system in any of their other running shoes, then you naturally won't be disappointed about Glycerin 19's GuideRails. You will be supported exactly when you should, and you almost can't feel it.


Test Glycerin 19 og Glycerin 19 GTS


Elasticated upper with perfect upholstery

Secondly, the elasticated upper. There exists a large array of uppers, but this one sits just right on my foot. It is tight, elastic and breathable. It sits snug on the foot without being too tight.

As the third and final feature, I have to mention the upholstery. Personally, I think it hits the spot. It is naturally a completely individual case, whether or not you prefer max or minimal upholstery, but when we are talking long distance shoes, then it just has to feel good - from the very first step in the shoe. And it does so in Glycerin 19.

The inner sole itself, the tongue, the heel cap, and yes, just the entire inner part of the shoe is padded to perfection in my opinion.


Test Glycerin 19 og Glycerin 19 GTS


Brooks Glycerin 19 (GTS) can become your perfect cruise-partner

It is the type of shoe that you just don't want to take off when you are done with your run. Not because you necessarily want to run farther, but just because it feels great on the foot.

Although, you certainly should be aware that these are not shoes that you will be running fast in. It is designed for maximal comfort, so if you want a shoe with lots of speed, you should consider for example Brooks tempo shoes Launch 8, that exists in both a neutral and stability edition. Or Brooks Hyperion Tempo, that is among Brooks’ absolute fastest shoes!

But do you dream of a shoe that you can cruise in, then Glycerin 19 and Glycerin 19 GTS both ensure a very soft and enjoyable run. I enjoyed and still enjoy the shoe very much at it has given me the Run Happy experience, that Brooks strive for with their shoes.


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