Review: Columbia Montrail Trans Alps F.K.T III

Review: Columbia Montrail Trans Alps F.K.T III

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 By Jacob Halle


Are you into trail, do you like technically difficult trail runs or are you going for long-distance running in muddy or challenging terrain, then I have the right shoe for you right here - Columbia Montrail Trans Alps F.K.T. III



This is the third version of this very popular shoe. Its the first time we can offer it in our shop and it is really a shoe that we have been looking forward to present.

Columbia Montrail Trans Alps F.K.T III is equipped with all the finest materials to provide you with the best run possible run under the worst conditions.



Lets start off with the upper. It has a designed knit upper which makes it extremely comfortable to wear. In addition there are extra seams/overlays taking part in making the upper stronger. All in all its just a very comfortable shoe to wear with a relatively thick tongue and an inner sole which is nice and soft - you just can´t make it more comfortable than that. 

A funny little feature is the shoe sock. Usually you would find the tongue attached with two elastics on the side. But in this shoe the sides run all the way into the shoe as an extra little sock to sink your feet into. 

The laces are somewhat elastic.

It also has a sole which makes this shoe amazingly comfortable. Its nice and soft and you don´t feel that you are walking around on large trail knobs. 



Moving on to the midsole. The midsole is produced from what Montrail calls Fluidfoam. Its three different layers of foam melted in to each other. So, if you were to to cut the shoe in half, you would be able to spot that the material floats in between each other.  It may look accidentally but each sole is produced with exactly the right amount, so the support is located in the right places. In the midsole you will also find the so-called Rock-plate, which sends the energy to the side and not up through the sole when you step on something hard. In other words, it protects you! 



Now we get to one of the most important things in a trail shoe: The outsole. This trail shoe has very long knobs, 6mm to be exact. This tells the story of a shoe with great strength in deep mud. A shoe with a solid grip in very tough terrain. 

Checking out the knobs you will observe that they are pointing in different directions. Looking at the forefoot, the knobs turn backwards to get a really good grip when you are running uphill. In the middle of the forefoot it could look like the knobs are scattered aimlessly around. But there is clearly a point to each knob in order to drain water for a better grip so you don´t lose your balance or mud gets stuck on the sole. 

At the back the knobs turn forward in order to help you when you are running downhill. It helps the shoe to break to make sure you don´t fall on your way. 

So in total this Montrail Trans Alps FKT III is a terrific trail shoe ready for great adventures under very demanding conditions. 


Buy Montrail Trans Alps FKT here 




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