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A recycled masterpiece.

Leading the charge

The ocean is big, beautiful, and fragile. If you have walked along the coast you might have noticed stuff floating around in the water or lying on the beach, that just shouldn’t be there. A lot of this is plastic and it can be recycled and reused as new bottles, new plastic bags, or something completely different, like this awesome running tight from the Danish brand Lipati.


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Plastic has become essential for living the way we do. We use it in almost every aspect of our life, whether in computers, hearing aids, or solar panels. We are more than ever at a place where we need to start thinking about sustainability, also when it comes to the brands we buy.

It’s a new way of thinking, and you end up with a cleaner planet as a result!

15 plastic bottles

The Lipati Nimbo PM tight is a result of about 15 plastic bottles being recycled and made into new cloth. It is a big process with many steps, but in the end, it has a smaller carbon footprint than making new plastic fibers every time. It’s a new way of thinking, and you end up with a cleaner planet as a result!

Lipati Nimbo PM Tights Lars Ivar Henriksen

Not only does Lipati have a goal of making the best running tights in the world - which I can argue they have already done - but they are also pushing the boundaries of what is possible to do, by making every single step and fabric in their process as sustainable as possible.


Freedom is outside

When you put the Lipati Nimbo tights on, and you think that it’s the best tight you have ever worn, then every other thought should be reserved for the beautiful nature outside, of enjoying the freedom and camaraderie that running can give you.

Lars Ivar Henriksen

And isn’t that what it’s all about? Finding a product that both performs at the highest level and is leading the charge in a changing world? I think so.


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