REVIEW: Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 - A stable running shoe that do a bit of everything!

REVIEW: Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 - A stable running shoe that do a bit of everything!

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Do you need some extra stability, and do you need a shoe that does a little of it all? Then the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 is the right pick.

With the Wave Inspire 17, Mizuno has come up with a great compromise between comfort, cushioning, stability and weight, making Wave Inspire 17 one of the most versatile pronation running shoes on the market.

Hear about why in my video-review below.


Video-review of Mizuno Wave Inspire 17



Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 - An improved version

Inspire 17 has gone through many changes since its predecessor, the Inspire 16, in both the upper, midsole and outsole. By looking at the shoe, you can see that Mizuno updated the design and created a shoe that looks incredibly modern. But that isn't everything.


Wave Inspire 17 - flexible and smooth outsole

On the outsole is there a rubber coating covering the entire sole. The coasting secures more even and flexible footwork where you feel the comfortable roll from landing to toe-off.


Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 design


Wave Inspire 17 - max comfort and soft midsole

The biggest news is the midsole. It still has a Wave-plate and U4IC-foam that provides a cushioned landing and responsive push forward. But what is entirely new is the ENERZY foam in the heel, which we know from the Mizuno Wave Sky Neo that makes the run incredibly soft and max comfortable.

Most importantly, you get fantastic and very natural arch support that provides the stability you need for your runs.


Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 test


Wave Inspire 17 - A supportive upper

Last but not least, the fit and support in the shoes upper are optimized.

The heel cap has a more snug fit, and on the inside, there is a soft and comfortable Memory Foam for less friction. Simultaneously, do the new mesh panels on the inside and outside provide a more supportive fit, so the foot doesn't slide from side to side when doing the roll from heel to toe.

In general, is the new fit from heel to forefoot comfortable – and the new double-layered Airmesh upper contributes to excellent breathability and a closer fit.


Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 design


Mizuno Wave Inspire vs Mizuno Wave Horizon?

What is the difference between the Wave Inspire and Wave Horizon that both are for the pronating runner?

Wave Horizon is Mizunos softest and most cushioned running shoe, but it is also pretty heavy. It suits best long runs in a jogging tempo. If you want maximum comfort on all your runs, then it is the Wave Horizon you should go after.

On the other hand, do you seek a more dynamic and fast running shoe that is great for both long and slow, as well as short, fast-paced runs, then the Wave Inspire is the obvious choice. It is lighter, and the cushioning is more firm than the Horizon and just a more versatile running shoe.


Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 test


Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 - a superb stable running shoe

Overall the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 is a great running shoe that helps and follows you. If you need support and stability and only want one pair of running shoes that does everything, then it is the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 you should choose.


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