Test: New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6 – Top-class trail-design

Test: New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6 – Top-class trail-design

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Are you looking for a high-comfort, durable trail shoe with a great design? In that case the new version of New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro is certainly worth checking out. A shoe especially well suited for easy and less technical trail. And thanks to it hot looks, its bound to steal attention!

Learn more about the new Hierro V6 in my review below and check out its features. 


New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6


Review introduction 

1. Info on New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6

2. New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6 Fit

3. New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6 Design Features

4. Hierro V6 vs. Hierro V5

5. A shoe for easy - and semi-hard trail

6. Conclusion


Among the best trail shoes in the market in terms of design 

Last year Hierro V5 received a lot of praise for its design which had received a proper overhaul from the V4-model. And now New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6 introduces an even cooler look. 
Since I saw it for the first time, I had high hopes that I would get the chance to try it out, so I was naturally thrilled when I was handed it for testing. 

Most trail shoes don´t stand out when it comes to looks and design if you ask me. But Hierro V6 is an exception to that rule. 
Its rare that you find a pair of trail shoes that you can wear outside the woods - but that is actually the case with this shoe. 
On a number of occasions I noticed that people were checking out my shoes as I ran past them - which must be proof of a great trail-design. Nice work New Balance!


New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6



New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6 - Fit

Hierro V6 has a great and comfortable fit mainly thanks to its slightly padded tongue which provides a great grip when the shoe is laced. 
The shoe has also been designed with plenty of padding around the instep providing a superb fit around the ankle. This padding also has a positive effect on reducing blisters around the heel.  
The shoe is also manufactured with a hard and stable heel cap which keeps the foot in place and prevents your foot from sliding unnecessarily inside the shoe on your runs. 

Hierro V6 has a normal size – therefore choose the size you normally use for your running shoes. 


New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6


New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6


New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6 Design Features

Breathable mesh upper 

The Hierro V6 is engineered in a light mesh fabric with laser perforations for increased ventilation for your feet. The mesh material also has TPU-fibres added to provide a harder - and more durable structure to protect against impact. 
At the same time, the upper is designed with New Balances Bootie-technology which provides a tight and supportive fit along with the Toe Protect-technology.  This rubber-like material contributes to protecting your feet against rocks, roots, etc.. 
On the back, the shoe has a smart pull-tab, which makes it easier to get it on and off. A feature which comes in handy when you are in a hurry. 


New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6


Fresh Foam X-midsole

The midsole is produced in New Balances nice Fresh Foam X-material with a stack height of 28 mm in the heel and 20 mm in the forefoot. The Fresh Foam X-material has a near perfect balance of being soft and responsive at the same time. It provides a soft landing in all terrrain and makes Hierro V6 incredibly comfortable. 
Hierro V6 doesn´t have a rockplate in the midsole which you will otherwise often find in trail shoes. This is due to the fact that the midsole is thick enough to protect your feet against sharp rocks and branches. 


New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6


Vibram Megagrip Outsole

The outsole is designed in Vibram Megagrip which is a high-performance rubber mixture with a superb grip for dry and wet surfaces. It has extended durability and adjusts very well to different surfaces. 
The lugs provide a great grip and is engineered in a way which also makes them work very well on asphalt on your way to and from the woods. 
In addition the outsole has a small heel spoiler which provides increased stabilisation during your landing. This is especially benefitial when you are running downhill. 


New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6


Hierro V6 vs. Hierro V5

  • - 20 gram lighter
  • - More narrow and tight fit 
  • - Increased upper protection 

The new version of New Balance Hierro has been updated exclusively in areas which didn´t work very well in V5. V5 was i.e. criticized for being too heavy and voluminous. 
Therefore New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6 has been made (20 gram) lighter with a more narrow and tight fit. This makes it much more comfortable while it provides a more secure sensation on your runs. 
Its important that it has a tight fit as trail running involves much more quick brakes and changes of direction than normal road running. This minimizes the risk of slipping and sliding around inside the shoe. New Balance has succeded in designing the right fit in Hierro V6 which is proof that feedback from users is being taken seriously. Very cool! .

The upper has also had rubber details added in various places to increase protection in specially exposed areas. 

In terms of the mid - and outsole, the shoe has kept both parts of the V5-version. It seems a good choice as these features work very well. I do hope that the weight of the shoe is further minimized for the next version as it is still slightly heavy. 


New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6




A shoe for light - and semi-hard trail

New Balances Hierro V6 is so soft and responsive that I occcasionally forgot I was wearing a trail shoe. 
The thick Fresh Foam X-foam has plenty of padding but at the same time provides adequate protection and rigidity for the shoe to work well on light to semi-hard trail. 
The shoe feels solid and comfortable and at the same time has plenty of traction to provide great grip on most surfaces.
It also works well on asphalt to and from the woods which I really appreciate as it provides a better all-round experience. 
The new upper also works well in terms of keeping my feet comfortable thanks to the perforated hoals placed around the toe area and on the side of the shoe. 

Hierro V6 is very well suited for runners who wants a comfortable trail shoe for easy - to semi-hard trail. Its also a great choice for the beginner thanks to its high-comfort which provides a gentle run. This will contribute to a soft introduction to trail running which is more challenging for your running style and muscles.   


New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6


New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6



New Balance Hierro V6 is clearly an improvement from the previous Hierro-version, V5, as it is lighter and designed with a better fit which makes it more safe. 
However, it is still fairly heavy and I hope that the weight will be further reduced in the next version. 
Fortunately its only on longer runs that you will notice the weight. On short runs it provides a solid running experience. Not least thanks to the Fresh Foam X-midsole but also just as much thanks to the breathable Bootie-upper which has been given a great grip. 

Also Hierro V6 should be praised for its design which certainly gave me extra attention on the trail. No matter what, you always look very hot wearing 
Hierro V6.


Buy Hierro V6 here 


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