TEST: NEW BALANCE FUELCELL PRISM - A light and fast pronation running shoe

TEST: NEW BALANCE FUELCELL PRISM - A light and fast pronation running shoe

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The New Balance Prism Energystreak is a lightweight stability running shoe for runners in need of a little more support during their runs. Read my personal review of the shoe below.


I’ve recently been lucky enough to test the New Balance Prism Energystreak. There’s no doubt that I’ve also become a huge fan of New Balance, in particular their Fuelcell midsole. It works perfectly for my foot. I’ve run many times in my New Balance Fuelcell TC’s, currently my go-to shoe for all my tempo and interval training, but I lack an equivalent for my slower runs - the New Balance Prism Energystreak could be what I’m looking for.


Prism Energystreak in short.

The New Balance Prism Energystreak is a lightweight pronation shoe which is good for both quick, high tempo runs and slower, more relaxed runs. The shock absorption is fantastic and it fits comfortably on the foot. Personally, I’m not a runner in need of extra support, yet it works well on my foot, and I’ve really enjoyed all the trips I’ve had in them. There’s a 6mm drop which helps you get the most out of your start and pushes you a little further forward. In my opinion, with this shoe, New Balance has succeeded in making one of the absolute best pronation running shoes on the market, which I recommend you to try.


New Balance Fuelcell Prism

Upper and fit

Looks-wise, New Balance have done it again. A white shoe, which is always a plus for me, with the NB logo in red on top - it really works well together. There’s a light and breathable mesh fabric upper which acts like a sock around your foot - which can sometimes cause fitting issues in similar sock-like shoes, but not in this case. I’m totally secure throughout the run, with still enough room to move my toes. Compared to the New Balance Fuelcell TC’s, there is a thicker tongue (the area under the laces) which means you can’t feel the laces when tightened. Even though I prefer a thinner tongue, usually found on super lightweight running shoes, these are without a doubt, extremely comfortable.


 New Balance Fuelcell Prism 


Midsole and outsole

The Fuelcell material, in my opinion, is the absolute best on the market right now. I’m totally in love with it! It’s so comfy and gives top quality shock absorption during a run. I first saw it in the Fuelcell TC model, and it works just as well in the Prism Energystreak. There’s more Fuelcell material on the inside of the shoe, adding more support there, but without removing the feeling of returned energy. There’s also a really durable sole sitting under this fantastic shoe. It grips well in turns and copes well with grit and stones on the road, so you don’t really feel them.


  New Balance Fuelcell Prism


   New Balance Fuelcell Prism


What are they like to run in?                  

I’ve tested them in different situations, and for me, they definitely work best for long, steady runs, as well as slightly faster tempo runs. I felt they were a bit heavy in propelling when used for interval training, so I’d choose another shoe for that. You can read my interval shoe reviews here. I should do that too, since I’m probably among the quicker, running-wise, and I have more choice of lightweight shoes being a neutral runner.


 New Balance Fuelcell Prism


So who would I recommend the New Balance Prism’s to?

I would recommend them to all runners that are looking for support and stability in a running shoe, and to all those who have been overlooked when developing new and innovative shoes. The New Balance Prism is the obvious second choice for the slightly quicker runs. You’ll get a pronation running shoe that is light, fast, and fun! They give you a different and easy running experience in comparison to classic, stable (and heavy) endurance training shoes like e.g.: Asics GEL-Kayano, Saucony Hurricane, Mizuno Wave Horizon, Nike Structure, and New Balance Rubix (1260). It’s also a shoe for neutral runners. It’s just such a gift when a new pronation shoe is released with these looks and feeling of a light, fast, and comfortable running shoe. They come with my highest recommendation!


Buy New Balance Prism here 




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