TEST: Roll Recovery R8+ - Speed up your recovery with massage

TEST: Roll Recovery R8+ - Speed up your recovery with massage

When you work out hard, you need to recover properly. There are many different possibilities of speeding up your recovery, but research shows that massage can help you recover faster after a hard workout session.  Actually a number of studies have shown that massage is the best method to speed up your recovery and reduce soreness after working out. 


If you don´t think that you can book an appointment with a masseuse several times a week, self massage with Roll Recovery R8+ is the right thing for you. This tool is a lot easier to use than a foamroller, or other massage tools and you can decide yourself if you want to stand, sit or lie down while using it. 


VIDEO: Roll Recovery R8+ test


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Tools for self massage

On the frame there are two handles that you pull apart and put on the thigh (as an example). The two rolls provide an in-depth massage for your legmuscles from two sides but thanks to a well-developed spring system and settings you can adjust the pressure yourself. 


roll recovery r8+ test


High-quality massage tool 

All brackets and springs are produced in stainless steel and all movable parts have ball bearings, so this is a high-quality product which can be used by everybody. 

 roll recovery r8+ test


I tested RollRecovery R8+ and think that you can use it all over your legs, not only on your thighs. So, RollRecovery R8+ would be great for your recovery routine following a set of intervals which have tightened your thighs and calves.


roll recovery r8+ test


Here I would like to draw your attention to the fact that thanks to the settings, you can start out putting mild pressure on your muscles and gradually increase the load. It takes some adjustment but its very efficient. The sensation of light and well-worked muscles afterwards is all your money´s worth. 


roll recovery r8+ test


Buy Roll Recovery R8+ here 


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