Tips for winter training

Tips for winter training

Winter is approaching. For some this means that it starts to get tough to motivate yourself to get out there. Cold, long and dark days don´t trigger your desire to go for a run. But how can you find that extra motivation to get going during these months? 


Our elite runner, Jakob Gade, offers his advice and pointers on this subject. Get all his tips and tricks in the article below. 



Find a running partner

A deal is a deal. And a deal with a running partner is a deal set in stone. 

If its tough to get off the couch in the early evening or early morning, then its a really good idea to set up a meeting for a run. 

An agreement to go for a run makes it harder for you to convince yourself that one hour of Netflix is better than the 5km run you have set up with your running partner. Before you know it, you are already off on your run with your partner. And as everyone knows, you never regret having gone for a run once you get back. 

So reach out for a running partner or perhaps you have a family member who would like to follow along on a bike. Perhaps your kids want to come along and in that way you get to spend some active quality time together. 


Prepare your clothes the night before

Sure, it can be tough to go running before work. So why not make it slightly easier for yourself? Make it a habit to prepare your clothes the night before. I practically jump out of bed and down into my running gear and that´s already half the job done. Its a detail but its very significant. 


Be grateful

We can all learn to be more grateful during out daily lives. Remind yourself how lucky you are that you are actually able to go for a run. The fact that you have the time and the energy to do something good for yourself. That can be very motivating. 

On my runs in different places around the world, I have often experienced people staring at me amazed when I was running by. Only a fool whould use energy to go for a run. That energy could be saved to work a couple of extra hours in the field. You could also save the expenses of having to eat more in order to refuel your batteries after a run if you stayed at home. 

We are extremely priviledged to be able to exercise as an active choice in our daily lives. 

Also don´t forget the injured runners who would give anything in the world to be able to run and get the sensation of freedom which running provides. I have spent many hours with sore heels or Achilles tendons and just wished I could do anything I wanted.

So remember to use your freedom. 


Create habits

The fall and winter may very well be the hardest time of year to find your motivation to go running. But try to turn it to your advantage – if you create great habits now, then you will have set the foundation for a great 2021 filled with positive and active experiences. I guarantee that there is a huge satisfaction in having come through fall/winter in a positive way and don´t have to begin from scratch when the weather gradually turns warmer next year.  

An extra small note is that it is amazing to follow nature up close as the weeks go by. 

Thats all for now. I hope everyone has the energy and motoivation to get out there and enjoy the great weather. I am certainly going for a run in the woods this weekend. 



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