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Scientific wave-technology turned into shock-absorption in a running shoe – it sounds like something made for outer space! Yet, what Mizuno discovered was that the power of waves could reduce and absorb the shocks of your steps when turned into a suspensive, wave-like sole. In 2007, Mizuno introduced the Infinity Wave sole, which today is the identifying feature of all their running shoes.

With running shoes by Mizuno, you get high-tech functions mixed with a fantastic color-palette, letting you self-assuredly put on your running shoes and start running!


Mizuno satisfaction guarantee at RunningXpert.com

At RunningXpert.com you get, till the 31st of December 2019, a 60-day satisfaction guarantee with your Mizuno shoes. This means that you can return your Mizuno shoes for free within the first 60 days, if you for some reason are not satisfied with them – even if you have used them!

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