New Balance is an American brand that makes running shoes and running clothes of the highest quality. New Balance combines functionality, comfort, and thorough design in all of their products. 



The history behind New Balance 

New Balance was founded in 1906 in Boston, Massachusetts, by William J. Riley. Originally, the company, New Balance Arch Support Company, had a focus on manufacturing specialised arch support footwear for the labourer that walked around all day. However, it was only in 1964 that the first professional running shoe, the ”Trackster”, was launched and mass-produced. 


New Balance Trackster


New Balance Trackster from 1964


The name, ”New Balance”, originates from Riley’s observations of chickens in his garden, where he discovered how the chicken’s three-formed foot delivered a perfect balance for the body. This balance was the foundation for New Balance’s flexible arch support that comprise three points of support – like a chicken foot.  


New Balance brand


New Balance’s DNA 

Even though New Balance was originally aimed at the labourer who stood up for many hours a day, the DNA of New Balance today is to protect runners around the world against injuries. New Balance focuses on creating the perfect mix between functionality and design, which is intended to help the athletes to perform at their best. 

With New Balance, you get what you pay for, so that means quality through and through. It is, therefore, not without reason that New Balance is among the most popular running shoe brands in the world. 


New Balance running


Running shoe developed on the foundation of ”Big data” 

In the pursuit of developing the best running shoes on the market, New Balance uses great amount of data from runners around the world. This has resulted in the development of its midsole materials like Fresh Foam and most recently FuelCell.


New Balance running


In 2017, New Balance developed the midsole Fresh Foam, which is made and casted from one piece of EVA foam material. That gives the running shoes a soft, flexible, and responsive feeling. Fresh Foam is a particularly versatile material that can be shaped for any purpose, and, therefore, it can be found in everything from New Balance’s regular running shoes to running shoes for long distances or the very lightweight running shoes for the fast runs. 


New Balance Fresh Foam


In 2019, New Balance developed FuelCell. A performance-enhancing midsole made from the foam material EVA, which delivers New Balance’s greatest return of energy ever.

FuelCell foam is used in midsoles to deliver tempo for the runners that seek speed – whether it is for interval training or for the many miles in a marathon.  


New Balance FuelCell


The brand that attracts any type of runner 

New Balance running shoes are renowned for being stable and incredibly durable. Most importantly, New Balance works for any kind of runner, as New Balance is known for producing different models in various widths. It is always possible to find a running shoe that fits you, your style of running, and your goals. 


New Balance running


Among the most popular running shoes from New Balance, it is worth mentioning,

  • New Balance 1080 with Fresh Foam X midsole, which is a neutral running shoe for your everyday workouts.
  • New Balance Vongo with Fresh Foam midsole, which is a modern stability shoe for runners with overpronation and a need for extra support and stability.
  • FuelCell series with FuelCell midsole are fast running shoes for the runners that seek tempo and want to break personal records.


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