Newline is a Danish sports brand originating from the Danish Special Forces and designs sporting clothes with a focus on unique details, performance, and comfort.


Newline - How it started

The founder of Newline, Helge Petersen, was trained in the Danish Special Force. One day in 1981, he was hovering with a parachute high above the ground and wondering why his parachute was completely dry but his suit wet. His wonder led Helge in 1981 to create Newline’s first set of running clothes from the fabric of the parachute! 

At one point in the military, there was a need for functional clothing that the soldiers could wear during army pentathlons. The training clothes that was usually delivered to the military and which you could buy on the market at that time was typically made of cotton. In other words, there was a need for more functional piece goods than those made of cotton, which regrettably has the ability to absorb water and is not great at getting rid of it again… This need was the driving force behind the beginning of Newline.

The starting point of the new training clothes products was that they should be able to ventilate and dry themselves. That is, you should be able to run yourself dry, even if you sweat a lot and get wet on the way. The requirements for the new material was therefore at a completely different level of quality than what you could find on the market at the time. This became the DNA of Newline: with a focus on performance and comfort, to create functional training clothes that could dry itself.

Today, Danish Newline makes both training clothes and equipment, which they sell around most of the world. The foundational values of Newline are still high quality and the constant focus on developing intelligent products that function optimally while also keeping the body temperature regulated.  



As a beautiful tribute to Newline’s heritage and origin from the Danish Special Forces, Newline’s BLACK-collection is inspired by their equipment. The products of the BLACK-collection are therefore created with a series of unique details: The seams and hems remind you of the seams and hems of parachutes, while the black wing symbol, which represents a parachute with wings on each side, looks like the official parachute emblem that the Special Forces soldiers can earn by doing the parachute training. The wing symbol reminds the one who wears it that they have to earn the wing through hard work and training.

Newline’s collection consists of shorts, tights, pants, t-shirts, shirts, jackets, socks, hats, gloves, and other accessories. All products are designed with military precision in the greatest lightweight materials, where breathability, moisture-transportation, and freedom of movement is a matter of course.

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