Salomon S/LAB is all about the passion to develop perfect gear for trail running.

The S/LAB products are designed to protect the trail runner but also to give the runner the possibility of adapting to nature’s surroundings. It is often the small details that make a product feel great to run in, and, therefore, Salomon spends thousands of hours in collaboration with their athletes to develop S/LAB running clothes – and running shoes for trail running that go beyond and above the usual.

Be careful! Once you have tried Salomon’s S/LAB-products, there is a high risk of becoming addicted.




The history behind the Salomon S/LAB series

The development of the Salomon S/LAB shoes started in 2010 after the Salomon athlete Killian Jornet competed in the Western States ultra-run of 100 miles. Kilian needed a lightweight trail running shoe because of the flat, dry, and fast terrain, however; he also needed to cross floods, streams, and more.

The shoe should feel natural to run in – and, at the same time, have exceptional contact with the ground. Therefore, Salomon decided to develop the ultimate trail shoe to win the Western States in 2011 – and they succeeded!


The technology behind Salomon S/LAB 

Designers, engineers, and athletes are all contributing in forming and designing all of S/LAB’s functional products. 

Never satisfied, always inspiring, and exceptional performance gear – that is S/LAB.

The goal for the brand is to push the boundaries of what gear can do and, at the same time, work on the edge of what is possible. 

For this reason, S/LAB gives its athletes the very best foundations to perform their best and, at the same time, not be limited by the equipment. 

Durability, performance, and weight optimisation are, therefore, the key factors for the entire S/LAB series. 

All products from S/LAB are created to perform and deliver at the highest level. Therefore, you may not feel the same level of comfort as you would do with Salomon’s regular products. 

On the other hand, you will experience ultra-lightweight and fast products that, guaranteed, will make your run even better! 



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