Saucony may not be a brand that everyone will recognize in Europe, but do not let that fool you! Saucony is actually the oldest running brand in the USA and have since the 80s been the Americans’ preferred brand for running shoes.

You should also not get fooled by the fantastic design, since it is not just a design made to look good. Behind the pretty exterior lies both advanced technology and innovation that you rarely see anywhere. So, Saucony is not only the forerunner in look and design, for when it comes to innovation and creativity, Saucony is excellent, resulting in fantastic running shoes every time!


Saucony EVERUN

EVERUN is a new suspensive sole that is put on the top of the midsole in certain Saucony shoes. The EVERUN material is more responsive than the traditional EVA foam, returning a greater amount of energy and producing a better push-off. EVERUN also retains its shock-absorbing ability, which is three times better than the EVA foam. In this way, you will not experience a shoe that “collapses” and gets less shock-absorbing on longer runs.


Satisfaction guarantee on Saucony at

At you get, till the 31st of December 2019, a 60-day satisfaction guarantee with your Saucony shoes. This means that you can return your Mizuno shoes for free within the first 60 days, if you for some reason are not satisfied with them – even if you have used them! 

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