TEST: adidas adios 6 - A legendary shoe has been revived!

TEST: adidas adios 6 - A legendary shoe has been revived!

Se Jacob Halle's profil By Jacob Halle


Check it out! The model which is probably my all-time favorite. A shoe which earlier was my obvious go-to shoe for racing! That was, however, before shoes with a high stack-height took over the market for fast running shoes. Read more and find out if adidas adios still has a place within the market for fast running shoes. 



There was a time when racing was all focused around having the most flat and lightest running shoes. That has since changed and today the fastest running shoes are super high, super light and usually equipped with a carbon plate in the midsole. 


Adios isn´t longer as flat and firm as earlier but it doesn´t have the same high stackheight and bounce as some of the fastest shoes in the market right now. 


Adios 6 is somewhere in between, but leans, however, more towards the firm version. 



I have loved this model, but I have also got to admit that since adios 3 the different updates haven´t worked according to intentions. But adios 6 has found something. They have gone back to a more stable upper which was one of the things that worked best on the old model. 


Its still not a shoe that I would choose for competition but it has great quality for short and more intense training sessions or if you just want to stick with the more flat and responsive running shoes for your runs. 


adios 6 has more midsole and if you are familiar with adidas, you will probably also agree with me that this shoe is more reminiscent of what the boston-model used to be like compared to adios. A fast shoe which can also be used for longer runs once you are used to it as it puts a little more stress on your calves than most shoes. 



To make a quick comparison with the new Boston 10, this adios 6, in my size 44 2/3 is as much as 66g lighter than Boston which is a lot! That is also one of the reasons why I choose adios ahead of boston these days.


The running shoe has a great fit and I actually also use it on an everyday basis among other things thanks to the design which is so cool. The whole collection in these red and white colors is just spot-on.


In total, I am actually positively surprised about adios 6 and I am very pleased that my old favorite shoe has rediscovered its old strengths. I certainly use it frequently and I enjoy working out in a somewhat more flat shoe from time to time. It adds some variety to my workouts to reduce the risk of injuries. 




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