The best all-round running shoes - Find versatile running shoes here!

The best all-round running shoes - Find versatile running shoes here!

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In this piece I will give you a list of the best ’all-round’ running shoes currently in the market. Read a short review of the models or click on the link for a more in-depth review of the shoe in question. 


We occasionally lable a running shoe as versatile but what does that actually mean? Versatile running shoes aren´t necessarily the most cushioned. But they can be used for short as well as long runs, fast as well as slow runs. Its the type of running shoe that you can´t go wrong with and its probably really the type of running shoe most runners need. 

The running shoes in this list are all versatile but differ from each other in other areas. Some work well in a rotation system with other running shoes but the vast majority of them can be used on their own and are therefore ideal for the runner who wants just one pair of running shoes which can be your loyal partner on all your runs. 



asics gel-cumulus 22

Asics GEL-Cumulus is the best selling neutral Asics running shoe in the world e.g. thanks to its superb versatility. In addition Asics are well-known for their great fit which in Cumulus is evident through its flexible and breathable mesh-upper which has a softly padded heel cap and tongue. The combination of Flytefoam and Flytefoam Propel in the midsole provides Asics GEL-Cumulus 22 with plenty of cushioning and responsiveness. 


Running style: Neutral

Weight: 273 g. (size. 42½), 240 g. (size. 39)

Heeldrop: 10 mm (men), 10 mm (women)


buy asics gel-cumulus 22 here




puma velocity nitro

After several years of absence, Puma are back with a new collection of running shoes and they have created possibly the best all-round running shoe of the year! Puma have taken a tiny midsole and inflated it with nitrogen – the result is the soft and bouncy Nitro-midsole providing superior cushioning while it also provides responsiveness for your fast runs. Puma Velocity Nitro doesn´t target a specific distance and therefore its perfect for mixed workouts, both in terms of distance and speed. 

Check out the review of Puma Velocity Nitro here.


Running style: Neutral

Weight: 256 g. (size. 42½), 210 g. (size. 39)

Heeldrop: 8 mm (men), 8 mm (women)


buy puma velocity nitro here




saucony ride 14

Of course we also find Saucony Ride 14 on the list of the best all-round running shoes. And even if we are talking about a versatile running shoe, its important to underline that you get a responsive running shoe rather than a soft one. Saucony Ride 14 is the kind of high-mileage training shoe which automatically ups the pace thanks to its low weigth and high return energy. The fit is extremely comfortable and the midsole efficient for both short and long runs - and from that perspective it is a super versatile running shoe which works really well as your back-up to a softer high-mileage training shoe. 


Running style: Neutral

Weight: 288 g. (size. 42½), 244 g. (size. 39)

Heeldrop: 8 mm (men), 8 mm (women)


buy saucony ride 14 here




Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is an insanely popular choice - which is understandable! Pegasus has come as far as version 37 which bears evidence that Pegasus is an incredibly popular and recognized running shoe. Pegasus is a terrific shoe in terms of performance and design. In spite of its relative low weight, comfort hasn´t been compromised. The bouncy React midsole foam provides luxurious cushioning and a softer landing than previously. Those are the right conditions to make a great all-round shoe.  


Running style: Neutral

Weight: 255 g. (size. 42½), 235 g. (size. 39)

Heeldrop: 10 mm (men), 10 mm (women)


buy nike pegasus 37 here




hoka one one clifton 7

Hoka One One is known for its extremely soft and gentle comfort and Clifton 7 is no exception! It provides comfortable cushioning and is a relatively light shoe considering how much foam the midsole contains. Clifton 7 is Hoka’s version of a running shoe for both short and longer distances. Its not necessarily a shoe for breaking records - on the other hand you get luxurious comfort and design which is fully focused around protecting your feet and your Achilles tendon as much as possible. 


Running style: Neutral

Weight: 247 g. (size. 42½), 207 g. (size. 39)

Heeldrop: 5 mm (men), 5 mm (women)


buy hoka clifton 7 here




saucony guide 14

Saucony Guide 14 combines versatitility with stability. Guide 14 should be regarded as the stable counterpart for Saucony Ride. Guide 14 also uses a PWRRUN foam midsole which is cushioning and responsive at the same time. Actually you don´t really feel that Saucony Guide is a pronation shoe as Saucony has made the pronation support feel natural thanks to their TPU guidance frame.

Check out the review of Saucony Guide 14 here.


Running style: Pronation

Weight: 306 g. (size. 42½), 260 g. (size. 39)

Heeldrop: 8 mm (men), 8 mm (women)


buy saucony guide 14 here



ASICS GT-2000 9

asics gt-2000 9

Asics GT-2000 is a classic running shoe which is continuously renewed. In the latest version, Asics GT-2000 9, Asics have chosen to add cushioning GEL (already found in the heel) to the forefoot for additional comfort. GT-2000 is a stable running shoe which counteracts pronation e.g. thanks to the recognized Dynamic Duomax midsole. Asics GT-2000 has a moderate amount of foam and cushioning and therefore its a great running shoe for the pronation runner who only wants to own one pair of running shoes. 


Running style: Pronation

Weight: 281 g. (size. 42½), 221 g. (size. 39)

Heeldrop: 10 mm (men), 10 mm (women)


buy asics gt-2000 9 here




brooks ghost 13

Brooks Ghost 13 has for a number of years been a popular running shoe thanks to its comfortable cushioning and responsive gait. This makes Brooks Ghost 13 edgy and versatile. The upper has relatively thick padding and has a tight fit to provide an even better running experience. Ghost is firmer than Brooks´ Glycerin, which is why Glycerin is suited for long, easy-going runs. I have also used previous versions of Brooks´ Ghost, and therefore I can testify to the fact that you can easily use the shoe for long runs if you are into a more classic cushioning than the completely soft running shoes. 

Check out the review of Brooks Ghost 13 here.


Running style: Neutral

Weight: 282 g. (size. 42½), 244 g. (size. 39)

Heeldrop: 12 mm (men), 12 mm (women)


buy brooks ghost 13 here




mizuno wave rider 24

Mizuno Wave Rider 24 is a versatile running shoe with an exciting midsole. In addition to the soft Enerzy foam (17% softer and provides 15% more return energy than previous materials used), Wave Rider 24 is engineered with Mizuno’s Wave Plate technology which provides a smoother landing with less load. Therefore its an ideal running partner for the runner who wants comfort, protection and speed on all his runs. 


Running style: Neutral

Weight: 314 g. (size. 42½), 312 g. (size. 39)

Heeldrop: 12 mm (men), 12 mm (women)


buy mizuno wave rider 24 here




new balance 1080 v11

New Balance 1080 V11 has gained popularity thanks to its versatile comfort and sock-like upper ensuring a great foothold. The shoe doesn´t have a lot of padding but on the other hand this makes it light. Therefore you can use your NB 1080 V11 for your slow and fast runs without compromising on comfort. NB’s Fresh Foam X foam is really soft and bouncy. Its a terrific version of a do-it-all type of running shoe.

Check out the review of New Balance 1080 V11 here.


Running style: Neutral

Weight: 262 g. (size. 42½), 227 g. (size. 39)

Heeldrop: 8 mm (men), 8 mm (women)


buy new balance 1080 v11 here




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