Strength training programme: How to work your body on days without running

Strength training programme: How to work your body on days without running

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If you need inspiration for how you can strengthen your body on days without running, I will give you some of my personal strength training programmes, which I use to keep my body strong and trimmed in addition to running in this article. Further I will provide you with a couple of tips for useful tools for your training at home. 


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Summary of the article

- Mix up running with strength training
- Tools for your strength training
   - Reebok Tech Style Yogamat
   - Endurance Weight Set
   - Flowlife Flowband Hip
   - Endurance Kettlebell
- How to work out
- Strength training makes you a better runner


Mix up running with strength training 

Running is a tough and very one-sided challenge for your body because you constantly have to absorb the hard schocks that propagate through your legs when your feet touches the ground.
At the same time running neglects the strength and endurance of the upper body which is why its a great idea to do strength training once or twice a week on top of running.
The fact is that when you run, its far from all muscle groups that are stimulated while running is often dominated by many dynamic repetitions which makes it relevant to mix it up with heavier and more static exercises. 




Tools for your strength training programme 

For ten years I have been a frequent visitor in gyms when I wanted to do strength training but after the Pandemic forced us to find alternative solutions for working out, I have acquired so much training equipment that I work out exclusively at home today. 
To create a good foundation for your home training, its first and foremeost a good idea to get hold of a training mat, different size elastics as well as a set of dumbbells - and then you are pretty much set up for doing a vast majority of exercises. 

Below I have listed the tools I use for my strength training sessions. 




This mat is the ultimate musthave for your home training to provide a comfortable surface for your exercises. In addition its travel-friendly thanks to the smart straps which makes it easy to carry on your shoulder.


Reebok tech Style Yoga Mat



Endurance Weight set



The Endurance weight set is designed with replacable discs so you can use them for different exercises with varying strengths to get the most out of your home training. To have everything in just one set doesn´t only save space but also enables you to up the load as you gain more strength - without having to invest in heavier dumbbells.




For a long time I was a big fan of the now well-known rubber-elastics. But since I was introduced to Flowlifes Flowbands, produced with a mixture of latex and polyester, I haven´t used anything else. As these elastics are wider and provide more resistance, they make my exercises for legs and buttocks FAR more challenging than the thinner and less powerful rubber-elastics.



Flowlife Flowband Hip


Endurance Kettlebell


Personally I think that the back is one of the hardest muscle groups to work on at home. But after I expanded my range of equipment with kettlebells, my back training has become more efficient. The great thing about kettlebells is that they incorporate so many muscles for each exercise compared to traditional strength training which is primarily focused around specific muscle groups.






How to work out

There is an abundance of different exercises which you can do to work on your body in addition to running. Myself, I try to work out by mixing conventional (home) strength training with suspension trainer training to get around as many muscle groups as possible. Your body has a terrific ability to adapt which makes it important to challenge it through various exercises. When I work out, I primarily focus on the major basic exercises in my training programme and then I add isolation exercises to those muscle groups I want to further focus on which in my case is the upper body - as the upper body is the part of the body that is mostly neglected during running. 
But its up to you to find out what work best for you to reach your targets. The exercises below can be done according to the exact number of sets and repetitions which you want. 

Below you´ll get one of my personal strength training programmes with basic exercises that cover the major muscle groups of the body. I have divided the programme into three different videos with exercises for arms, legs and core respectively. 


#1: Get strong arms

With Endurance Weight Set



#2: Four efficient leg-exercises 

With Flowlife Flowband Hip



#3: The best exercises for a strong core

With Reebok Tech Style Yoga Mat and Endurance Kettlebell



Strength training makes you a better runner 

You often see that people stick to the workout routine where they really excel. So those people with great endurance keep working on their endurance while those who are strong and have lots of muscle mass keep doing strength training, etc.. Perhaps you are one of them? However, according to experts you should mix up running workouts with strength training to get a better and more versatile training routine. By having plenty of variety in your training, you prevent your body from getting overloaded by working on your complete body during your workout sessions. 

Personally I run 3-4 times a week while I try to mix it up with 2-3 days of strength training lasting an hour to keep my body strong. At the same time strength training also helps to improve my running performances, reduce the number of injuries and not least provide my workouts with more fun and variety. 

Enjoy your training! 


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