PUMA was founded in 1948 by the German fashion enthusiast Rudolf Dassler, who had a talent for design.

20 years earlier, Rudolf returned from World War One and was trained as a salesman at a porcelain factory. 

However, he quickly realised that he did not enjoy this undertaking and, therefore, together with his brother Adolf Dassler, founded the company Dassler Brothers Shoes Factory, which, at the time, was the only company to design sports shoes, sneakers, and running shoes. 

In spite of this, the relationship between the two brothers deteriorated and they both decided to disperse in 1948 – the same year they respectively founded Adidas and PUMA.




A brand that stands out

In 2007, Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, the owner of Gucci, bought 27% of the shares in PUMA, which was in the firm’s best interests. Because ever since that investment, the brand has developed and gets inspired by the diversity where no one is alike and afraid of standing out.




The collaboration has yielded great results

PUMA’s great selection of everything from running shoes to football shorts has helped to form the multinational brand we all know today. 

PUMA offers styles for the active athlete within a wide array of sports and, at the same time, offers sporty everyday clothes. 

With PUMA, you are guaranteed products in a high quality without compromising on the design. Therefore, a great selection of celebrities like Rihanna and Jay-Z and car manufacturers like Ferrari, Ducati, and BMW have partnered up with PUMA and made their mark with the phenomenal brand. 

Collaborations like these have contributed in enabling PUMA to deliver top results for a lot of years.




”Forever Faster”

Forever Faster is not merely a slogan to PUMA or about being fast. It is a mantra. 

After 79 years of experience with fast products to fast athletes, PUMA still strives higher whenever they release a new collection. 

The goal is to be the world’s fastest sports brand and, therefore, the standard is always set high when PUMA commences on new projects. 

Sport means the world to PUMA. Therefore, they are passionate whenever they design, develop, sell, or brand their products.




Focus on innovation

PUMA has a focus on innovation to allow athletes and customers to fulfil their potential whenever they are doing sports – and also to deliver remarkable experiences that meet the demands of the consumers. 

For this reason, PUMA will always make your run as great as possible. 

PUMA does not create merely for the sake of creation. They do it with the goal of levitating running and other sports to the next level and always move forward on the foundation of the latest science.

Therefore, you can expect the PUMA products to be made from an innovative design and in a high quality. Because they want you to have the best running experience.



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