Terms and conditions



A selection of terms and conditions when you shop in our store:

    • We offer a 180 days full right of return (14 days when returning the used item) from the day you receive your item.
    • Within the first 14 days of your right of return, you can return an item even when it has been used. You must pay for any potential loss of value of the item. Loss of value is determined by what RunningXpert.com can make on its resale.
    • No parallel import – we only trade with official suppliers.

We offer the following shipping option:



  • Contact us Monday-Thursdagy kl. 9.30 AM - 5 PM and Friday 9.30 AM - 4.00 PM
    • Tel. 20 363 016 92
    • customerservice@runningxpert.com

  • Delivery time:
    • All orders submitted before 11:00 AM on a weekday are dispatched the same day.

  • Persons under 18 years of age:
    • You must be 18 years of age to shop at RunningXpert.com – if you are under 18 years old, you must have your parents’ consent.

    • Dispatch:

      All items ordered on RunningXpert.com are dispatched from:

      c/o Løbeshop.dk
      Gammel Sellingvej 1
      8370 Hadsten
      Tel: +45 86 98 36 14

      The juridical name of the company:

      RunningXpert Group ApS
      Gammel Sellingvej 1
      8370 Hadsten

      VAT: DK 32 27 75 94

      At www.RunningXpert.com you can submit orders online.
      The delivery time is 7–10 work days. Should the delivery be delayed, a message will be sent through e-mail as soon as possible. If a normal product and a delayed product are requested in the same order, only the complete order will be sent.
      All prices on www.RunningXpert.com/en are set in GBP incl. sales tax.
      All prices are day prices and are updated regularly.

      You can always get your order confirmation or invoice resent by sending a mail to customerservice@runningxpert.com.

      How to shop in our store:

      To make a purchase at RunningXpert.com, you need to do the following steps:
      1) Find the item or items that you want and put them in the cart. You can always see the contents of the cart by clicking “cart” at the top of the screen.
      2) Adjust your order if needed and continue by clicking “checkout.”
      3) Input your personal details. If you have shopped with us before, you only have to input your e-mail address and the password you created the last time you shopped here.
      4) Add a comment to the order if needed.
      5) Check that all information is correct. You can correct the order and the delivery and invoice addresses. Read and accept our sales conditions and approve the order. At the same time, you also accept our reservation about typing errors when it comes to prices.
      6) Pay by inputting your card information in the payment window or use Ideal


      At RunningXpert.com you can pay with credit card.
      If you are paying with a Mastercard or a debit card, the sum will be reserved on your account before we, RunningXpert.com, withdraw the money. If you cancel your order, you may risk that your money will not be freed until 30 days after the order was placed. This is not something RunningXpert.com has any power over – it is the financial institute that reserves them.




      Create customer’s account / become a member

      If you choose to create an account (sign up to the RunningXpert Club), then you accept to receive mails containing news and special sales. You can unsubscribe to the mail service by writing to customerservice@runningxpert.com

      Other conditions

      – 180 days of full right of return and exchange from the day the product is received (also applies to gift vouchers). If it is an item with a print (club clothing) or specially made products, the right of return is annulled, in so far as the customer has accepted this before the start of production. You need to return the item before the deadline of the right of return or make us aware of your wish to return the item. You have 14 days to return the item after this.
      – The items are exchanged by returning them to RunningXpert.com. If you need full reimbursement of the item, the item must be returned in the same condition and amount as when it was received. Each item must be returned in its original packaging. The original packaging is an important part of the value of the item, and it is therefore crucial to being re-sellable by us to another customer. So, you must return the item in its original packaging to make use of the right of return. You may of course open the package and examine the item but be careful with the original packaging when you open it. In so far as the item is packaged in hard plastics that is welded or in neutral plastic bags, envelopes, or the like, it is not required that you return the original packaging. A print yourself return label is included in all orders (though not when you pick it up at Løbeshop.dk), so that the customer does not have to pay postage fees when returning an item. The label is generated when you create an online return order. You can return an item even though it has been used within the first 14 days of the right of return, but in that case you must pay a potential loss in value. The loss in value is determined by how much RunningXpert.com can make on a resale of the item.

      You are only responsible for a potential loss in value that is caused by handling the item in other ways than what is required to determine the type and properties of the item and in that way how it works. In other words, you can try out the item the same way as you would in a physical store. If the item has been tried in more ways that as stated above, then we consider the item as used. This means that when returning an item, you only receive a part or none of the original cost of your purchase, depending on the trade value of the product. To receive the full amount of your purchase, you may do the same thing as you would in a physical store, but you may not take the item in actual use.

      It is the customer’s own choice which shipping method is used for returning items, but we recommend that you ship it insured and with track and trace. If you return the item to RunningXpert.com using a drop point, it may take longer to service, since we collect packages from the drop point once a week. 

    • When you return an item, the receipt or a copy thereof must be included.

    • – Persons that make purchases at RunningXpert.com must be of legal age.
      – The purchase can be cancelled by returning the order to RunningXpert.com or by personally returning it to the address mentioned above.
      – Additionally, the EU Consumer Protection Act is in force.
      - – Gift vouchers are valid for 3 years after the date it was issued, unless something else was agreed upon.


      – As a consumer you have a 2 year right of return after the item was received. This means that you can get the item repaired, exchanged, your money back, or a discount depending on the concrete situation. This is of course conditioned on the return being legitimate.
      – Returns are sent or delivered personally to the address stated above. (RunningXpert.com does not require specific shipping methods, but we do recommend that you get a receipt when shipping the item to RunningXpert.com, so that you have proof that you have sent the package, should it be lost in the mail). When returning watches/GPS’, it is encouraged that you contact RunningXpert.com first to be serviced faster.
      – All contact regarding returns should be addressed to the mail customerservice@runningxpert.com or the telephone 20 363 016 92.  


      – We at RunningXpert.com service returns and exchanges immediately.
      – Our ambition is always to exchange or return the sum at the same time we unpack the return package, so that you do not need to wait for more than what is necessary to get your return order serviced.
      – No matter if you want your item exchanged or your money back, you will receive a credit memo per e-mail.
      – It will say on the credit memo which item was received and, if applicable, which item we returned to you.
      – If we returned an item to you, it will say so with a minus symbol.
      – If you want your money back, it will be returned to your credit card. You should expect the money to be available on your account in 2–8 weekdays.

      Use of cookies

      You can read all about RunningXpert.com’s use of cookies on our separate cookie page: runningxpert.com/en/cookies

      Log statistic

      Log statistics are used on https://www.runningxpert.com/en. It means that a statistics system collects information that can give a statistical idea of how many visit the website, where they are from, when the website is left, etc.

      On www.runningxpert.com/en we use log statistics with the purpose of optimizing the website and its functionalities.

    • Log statistics are used for:

      A personalization of the marketing toward the consumer.
      To improve the user experience.

      Personal data policy

      You can read RunningXpert.com’s personal data policy on  runningxpert.com/en/privacy-policy


    • Complaints should be addressed per e-mail to customerservice.eu@runningxpert.com

    • When you shop in the EU, you can make a complaint through the European complaints portal ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) which is can be accessed here